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Can Headphones Freeze (And Still Work)?

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This is a good question that a lot of people don’t have the answer to. I like my music. If I didn’t have it I don’t think I would get anything done. Especially since my day revolves around typing on my computer. Don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. But I also enjoy doing Alaskan things like going to Alyeska to ski and sled and I have to have my headphones. Are they at risk in those freezing temps though?

Can headphones freeze (and still work)? The answer to that question is yes and no. It depends on factors like the temperature of the environment that you are in and the moisture that is available. If it is too cold your headphones battery can die a lot faster as low temps kill batteries and moisture will short them out. Having any technology that is not specifically designed for the cold or has a type of adaption available will not last for very long afterward in freezing temperatures.

No need to fret though! There is a solution to this issue as well and here I’m going to give it to you. No one wants to risk losing a good pair of headphones just because it was a little cold outside and I know you don’t want to be without music no matter what the temperature is outside so read on for the solution.

Why Is It Important To Keep My Ears Warm During The Winter?

Have you ever heard someone say, “ When it is cold outside most of your body heat escapes through your head”? That is not entirely true. The reason we wear gloves, hats, and scarves is due to our bodies working to protect our vital organs.

When it is cold outside all heat is pulled inward to the vital organs of the body to allow them to keep functioning normally. With that happening our ears, nose, hands, and feet become equally susceptible to the cold. This means that not only can we get frostbite on our hands and feet but also our ears as well.

What Are Winter Headphones?

Winter headphones are exactly as they sound. They are headphones that are designed to handle the frigid temperatures of winter. They have a dual function of being able to keep themselves insulated and functioning during the winter season and also keep your ears warm as well. Have you ever tried to listen to music and try to pull your hat over your ears with earbuds in?

First off, it is extremely uncomfortable. It doesn’t even feel natural. All you really accomplished was shoving your earbuds further into your ear canal and that isn’t comfortable. Secondly, have you ever noticed how it feels on your ears to pull your hat over them? It feels good for a couple of minutes then it hurts a lot. You just end up pulling your hat back up and be more willing to deal with the cold.

This is where winter headphones or more popularly known as headphone earmuffs come in. They are significantly more comfortable for starters and they actually work to keep your ears warm. Which puts an end to you pulling your hat down. They also protect your tech. Which is important. 

Due to the insulation they provide, your headphones (not earbuds) will be able to withstand colder temperatures without the risk of freezing to the point where the plastic on your headphones will break due to the extremely low temperatures. This means you can enjoy your music at any time of the year without worrying about damage to your headphones.

What Are Some Good Headphone Earmuffs That I Can Buy?

As mentioned before, it is not a good idea to expose your headphones to frigid temperatures if they are not designed for it. They can produce a “clamping” effect that can cause some discomfort and give you a headache. 

Also, they can also become severely damaged in the case of being exposed to cold temperatures. While they may survive for a little while they will eventually stop working and the plastic shell can become cracked. They also run off of a battery that will stop working in frigid conditions.

When it comes to choosing some good headphone earmuffs you need to keep not only your ears in mind but your tech. Here are some good and stylish headphone earmuffs to add to your gear:

Black Panther EarSnugz

EarSnugz is a great brand and is perfect to pair with your Beats headphones if you own a pair. They reduce the “clamping” effect that some consumers complain about and will also keep your ears warm. The cool thing about this set of headphone earmuffs is that they are designed to fit the entire range of Beats headphone products due to its toggle fitting design.

The best match would be the Black Panther EarSnugz. They are made with 100% allergy free Polyester and are quick-drying and fade resistant. Thanks to their insulation, they will also keep your Beats headphones protected in the winter as well. They also feature a cut-out slot for charging and cable leads so you don’t have to take them off for a charge.

Wolf Paw EarSnugz

This is a perfect pairing for those who own Bose headphones. Bose is one of those companies that has been around for a while. And were pioneers in noise cancellation technology since 1980. Where it differs from Beats is its choice in colors and if you own the grey Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones, then the Wolf Paw EarSnugz is a great option for you as the color it presents is very complimentary to the Bose headphones.

Due to the material of these headphone earmuffs, they do a great job of not impeding on your sound quality while at the same time protecting your ears and your headphones. No need to sacrifice sound for warmth.

White Rabbit EarSnugz

If you own a pair of Sony headphones, this is the pair of headphone earmuffs you want. Their white color pairs well with Sony’s WH-1000XM3 headphones in either the black or silver options and are toggle adjusting so they can easily be applied or removed. Also like all the EarSnugz on this list, they are water-resistant as well.

Power Muffs

This particular set of headphone earmuffs deserves its own category in that they are not an accessory to be applied to a set of headphones, but are actually the headphones! They are designed to be extremely lightweight and produce premium quality of stereo sound with an operational capacity of 6 hours on a single charge.

They also address a common issue for an individual who is out in the cold trying to shuffle through their playlist. They come with a built-in sound control function along with a microphone that has been integrated into the headset so you won’t have to shuffle through music in the cold. This is a feature that a lot of other headphones have yet to incorporate.

Hope this answered your question. Yes, you can technically take your headphones out into the cold unprepared and shorten their lifespan by years or you can do what’s best and make sure you fit them with the proper equipment to protect them and yourself.

You can even change it up and try out a newer product like Power muffs which are built solely for use in the winter. The choice is up to you. However, I would recommend that you take the proper steps to avoid having to invest in a new pair of headphones earlier than you planned on.

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