What Kind Of Headphones Does Alesso Use?

Alesso is a Swedish DJ and record producer whose real name is Alessandro Renato Rodolfo Lindblad. He was born on the 7th of July 1991. He is mostly known by Alesso which is his stage name. It is worthwhile to note that he has worked with a good number of artists such as Theo Hutchcraft, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Usher, Sebastian Ingrosso among many others. He has also performed at lots of music festivals like Coachella, Creamfields, Electric Daisy Carnival and a host of others.

In 2012, he was named by MTV as one of the EDM Rookies to Watch. In addition, Madonna invited Alesso to open particular dates on her MDNA Tour and described him as the next big thing in dance music. Similarly, Alessandro was ranked as 13th on the top 100 DJs list of DJ Magazine in 2015 and number 20th in their 2016 list. He has a good career being a top-level DJ in the music industry. “Forever”, his debut full-length album was released by Def Recordings on the 22nd of May 2015. 

What kind of headphones does Alesso use? Although Alesso has been spotted using up to 6 types of headphones on different occasions and periods throughout his career, his favorite is the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic headphones. They are well suited for recording, monitoring as well as outdoor use. The headphones are a more affordable alternative to the HD 25-1 II but they come with a bit different capsule design and a simpler headband.

Key specifications

Manufacturer Part NumberSennheiser 502103
Ear CouplingSupra-aural
Transducer PrincipleDynamic driver and closed
Magnet TypeNeodymium ferrous
Frequency Response30 Hz to 16000 Hz
Sensitivity114 dB
Nominal Impedance60 ohm
Complete harmonic distortion (THD)<0.4%
Load Rating200 mW stereo
Cable TypeStraight
Cord Length9.8 ft.
Adapter Size6.3mm
Plug Size3.5mm
Weight (minus cable)115g
Manufacturer’s Warranty2 years

More details

The Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic headphones are specifically designed professional monitoring headset. They give a high attenuation of background noise which provides the listener with a rich and robust sound. These headphones are made of quality, making them such a reasonable choice for most individuals that go for them. They are able to handle sound pressure levels that are extremely high and has a robust construction. As such, they are capable of performing impressively in high-noise settings like studio monitoring, studio equipment testing and sound reinforcement.

As a result of the 60-ohm nominal impedance of the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic headphones, they have universal compatibility which distinguishes them from other professional headsets in the same category. The headphones also boast of a tough detachable steel cable that makes them easy to store and carry along during journey or travel. The padded headband of the headphones is not only comfortable but also adjustable and it comes with padded earpads that give the user a unique feeling of comfort throughout all listening sessions. As such, the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic professional headphones seem to be a good balance between quality and affordability.

For a better insight into the pricing and purchase options of these headphones, a look at their entry at Amazon will definitely be worth it.

Pros and Cons

We have listed some of the key specifications of the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic headphones. However, we will go a bit further by highlighting their pros and cons. This is necessary so as to prevent you from making a decision that is one-sided or not well informed as to whether to purchase the headphones or not. Therefore, we will draw out both the positives and negatives below.


  • Fantastic audio quality

One of the major positives of the Sennheiser HD 25-SP professional headphones is their audio quality. They provide you with a balanced and robust sound that enhances the depth of your listening sessions.

  • Comfort

These headphones are very comfortable, which is an edge for them over other headsets within the same category. This is because they are light in weight and as such, can be used for long periods of time.

  • Broad usage

Another notable advantage of having the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic headphones is that they can be used for a good range of activities. They are particularly ideal for recording, monitoring as well as outdoor applications.

  • Great Sound isolation

One more edge that these Sennheiser headphones have over their contemporaries is their great sound isolation which is not something you can get with all headsets. Due to their powerful Neodymium Magnet, the headphones deliver detailed separation which makes for crystal clear reproduction of sound.


Nothing in this world is perfect and these Sennheiser headphones are not an exception. Therefore, its weaknesses include:

  • Durability issues

The Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic headphones seem to have issues that are hard to overlook as regards durability. The right and left sides of the headset seem to constantly cut out. This is a common complaint with a lot of people that have used the headphones before. This means you may have to juggle the connectors for them to start working again when such issues present themselves. This is actually a really big setback for the Sennheiser HD 25-SP professional headphones despite their strength in other areas.

  • Not foldable

The headphones have a detachable steel cable which affords them a particular level of mobility ease. However, it would have been easier if they are foldable (they are not). As such, keeping them or carrying them along in your travels might not be as easy as you think.

Here is a YouTube video of Alesso rocking the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II Headphones in one of his music videos:

Despite the presence of negatives, the headphones have key positives that outweigh those negatives. Therefore, using these headphones is still recommendable. For one, it falls within the affordable range especially considering some of its notable advantages. Secondly, they offer you a unique level of comfort that other headphones within the same category do not offer. Therefore, they promise to be a good buy.

What you need to know about the manufacturing brand

The manufacturing brand of the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic professional headphones can be easily noted from the name of the headphones themselves. They are produced by Sennheiser which is a privately held audio company from Germany. The brand majors in the production of a broad range of high-quality products such as headphones, microphones, telephone accessories as well as aviation headsets for professional, personal and business use. The company was established in 1945 and has since then remained a foremost brand as far as the manufacturing of high fidelity audio equipment.

Alternative Headphones

In case you are not impressed with the Sennheiser headphones, we have decided to present you two alternatives that are also used by Alesso.

Urbanears Zinken On-Ear DJ Headphones

The Zinken is a headset very suitable for DJ use. It comes with full-size on-ear construction which isolates the listener from outside noise, allowing you to focus on the crisp mids and highs as well as the deep bass. Some of its other key features include dual-duty TurnCable that makes for a life free of adapter, ZoundPlug (instant music sharing channel) and many more. The headphones are also highly comfortable as they come with an adjustable headband and swivel ear cups.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphone

The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones are iconic lightweight, noise-isolating, metal headphones, created via a unique process of crowdsourcing. For most techies, audiophiles, gamers, musicians, and DJs, these headphones are the ultimate pick in terms of versatility. Being the first of the kind, the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones have gone on to be part of the most positively acclaimed headphones around today and they are perfect as an alternative to the Sennheiser headphones under review. 

The V-MODA Crossfade headphones have won more than 20 Editors’ Choice Awards, including CNET and have also been voted on two consecutive occasions as the number headphones by DJ Mag. Some of its other key features include Analog noise isolation, superior durability, top quality sound, high comfort, customizable shields just to mention a few.

Final Verdict

As you can see from the comprehensive review that we have made under this post, the Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic professional headphones are recommendable due to a lot of benefits they offer. In fact, the headset is top of the competition when it comes to having a perfect blend of quality and affordability. However, it is not without its own negatives. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the positives are a lot more than the flaws. Therefore, these Sennheiser HD 25-SP II closed dynamic headphones definitely remain a good choice for people with a limited budget that still want a feel of something premium.

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