Are beats headphones good for music production?

Beats is, indeed, one of the biggest headphone brands in the world. Therefore, a lot of people default to them with regards to buying headphones.

All things considered, a major name and a major cost, can’t go far off-base, isn’t that so? You know very well that Beats is a huge brand. At the point when you purchase their headphones, you are purchasing their brand. You are paying way more for them than you would have been paying for comparable quality from another company. 

Are beats headphones good for music production? No, the main reasons are they color the mix and don’t produce accurate sounds which are the basic requirements. While creating music, you’d need to hear every nuance in your mix. Beats sound bass-substantial with next little detail on the midrange and trebles. The main key to production headphones is to get the most neutral sound to have control of what is in the mix.

Why are beats headphones bad for music production?

Beats are known to break easily. I wouldn’t be amazed in the event that they broke inside a couple of months of usage. If you are producing music on a long haul premise, you will be sitting in your studio for a considerable length of time and presumably have these headphones on. 

Beats has typically a boost on the bass. This appeals to users in different genres like hip-hop. While a lot of people enjoy that extra bass, it is hard for a music producer to hear what is really going on without the coloring of the mix.

You can see that Beats has become popular with celebrity superstars fronting the product. Unfortunately, you can get better quality by choosing one of the competitors.

What to look for in quality headphones for music production?

As a music producer, you need the mix to sound great on multiple devices: a couple of near-field screens, a Bluetooth sound system, and a couple of headphones. You shouldn’t rely on doing all your work with headphones. 

One part of the headphones plan that may impact your purchasing choice is impedance. Great ‘impedance coordinating’ will enable your headphones to work all the more successfully, so you have to choose a sort of rigging you’ll be connecting them to. 

High-impedance headphones are intended for studio situations like a band recording arrangement. These headphones are usually quite big and have big drivers. You need an external amp to drive those headphones

Low-impedance headphones don’t need an external amp. They get all the power from your device like smartphones, etc. These kinds of headphones are targeted towards music consumers, rather than producers.

While recording through a mic, your headphones should not leak sound from the playback. That way, the sound will leak out and taint the mix. 

You should consider buying comfortable headphones. Music producers tend to sit many hours during the day with the headphones on. It is wise to invest in some headphones that won’t tire your ears and head.

How to choose the right one?

There are 3 major kinds of headphone: 

  • Closed-back
  • Open-back
  • In-ear. 

Closed-back headphones are better for recording. They will leak very little sound. You don’t want to record the sounds from your headphones. This will create extra noise to your arrangement, and it will be harder to do the final mix.

Open-back headphones can usually be lighter and more comfortable for long stretches. These kinds of headphones will leak sound. Therefore you shouldn’t use them while recording. But while composing or doing mixing, open-back headphones are a great choice with added comfort.

In-ear headphone is not good for music production. The drivers are too small to represent how to bass will sound.

So, which to choose? I like Open-back headphones if I’m not recording. I will say though, it is a good idea to have all three of them. Your mix should sound good on every device, so use them all for the best results.

Best one for music production?

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm

I really like Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm for music production. It is great for recording with the over-ear closed-back design. It is known for its superb sound quality.

It has soft earpads for great comfort. The earpads are also replaceable.

The headphones are made in Germany. This means quality and durability. These headphones withstand heavy usage and you can own them for many many years.

One minus is that they don’t have a detachable cable. It is therefore not so easy to change if something is wrong with the cable

Wrap up

Beats are not good for music production because they don’t accurately represent the sound. However, if you have a headphone from Beats lying around, it is useful to check the mix on multiple headphones. The mix should sound good on every sound system.

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