Can you work out with Beats Headphones?

Beats Headphones are some of the highest quality headphones on the market. Dr. Dre managed to create high quality, outstanding headphones that are durable, reliable and deliver an amazing user experience. To make things even better, these headphones are easy to use, very adaptable to your own requirements, and you will enjoy how versatile they can be too. 

Can you work out with Beats Headphones? Most Beats headphones do not have an IPX rating. This means they are not water and sweat resistant and therefore not designed for workout use. On the other hand, PowerBeats 3 provide sweat resistance and has an IPX rating 4. That means the headphones are not waterproof but can handle sweat during a workout.

Why are most Beats Headphones not waterproof?

One of the main things to focus on for the Beats Headphones is the sound quality. Dr. Dre comes from a musical background, so the sound quality is indeed very important for him. That’s why these headphones include some of the best electronics on the market.

But when you end up with more complex situations like working out, these headphones are not always the best. Since they are not extremely versatile and suitable for any environment, that makes them a bit vulnerable. Yes, most Beats Headphones are not very good when it comes to resisting extreme heat or cold. And the same thing happens with water.

Unlike many headphones, the Beats Headphones have open channels and connective wires that are not insulated. As a result, you won’t have any type of water or sweat resistance. They also do that based on the design they chose. Their design doesn’t really blend well with the idea of having the headphones waterproof.

Are the Beats Headphones stable enough for working out?

The problem with Beats Headphones is that they are not designed to be very small. Granted, they are portable, but these models are over-ear. And for a lot of people, that’s a problem. You can’t go running with these without falling off. Which can be an issue if you end up running many times per week. At one point the headphones will get damaged and you need to buy others. Since these are not exactly affordable, you need something better and in the end, that’s the thing you want to focus on the most.

A good thing about Beats Headphones that might make them good for static workouts, for example, is the fact that they are wireless. There are no cables involved, and that means you are free to work out the way you want. You don’t have to worry about tangling cables or anything like that.

However, without the wires, you have other issues. In this case, the main issue is that you can sometimes lose connectivity. That’s an issue, especially if you don’t always stay near your phone to reconnect. Granted, it doesn’t happen to everyone but it can be an issue.

Working out with the Beats Solo Pro Headphones

For a lot of people, the Solo Pro model is a great buy because it’s affordable and it does bring in front a great user experience.

The problem with these is that if you run often, they can fall off. And if you’re on the treadmill, even if they fit your head well, they will still be soaked. Since there are no waterproofing features, you will end up with moisture and various bacteria accumulating on the headphones.

A good idea is to clean them up often but even there, you don’t always have this opportunity, so it’s a matter of perspective and figuring out which is the right option.

Beats Solo 3

In the case of the Solo 3, we noticed that they have very good fast charging features and 22 hours of listening time. This is amazing and it does bring in front an incredible experience. That being said, there can also be some challenges, the main ones being how you work out with them.

While we noticed they have a very good fit and they are comfortable, a lot of people ended up damaging them while running because they can fall especially when you run really fast. And yes, just like the Solo Pro, you also deal with moisture accumulation. Some people even had issues when they used them with a wire and the microphone and track skipping buttons did not work anymore due to sweat and moisture. 

Beats EP

For the cheaper EP model, we noticed that these are not fit for working out at all. They are wired, so aside from the regular issues like instability, you will also encounter other problems such as added stainless steel on your head and the wire that can end up being a problem. While it might be a bit tricky to deal with this, you can still work out a little bit with them. But it won’t be a comfortable experience. And running with them is certainly out of the question.

Beats Pro

These are the only ones that actually seem to have a bit of water resistance, at least when it comes to sweat. They don’t have IP resistance, so it’s still not a unit that you will use all the time in the gym. If anything, this is a product suitable more for the studios or audiophiles. And that’s the thing that you want to consider as much as possible. It’s definitely going to be worth it to own these, but obviously you don’t want to work out with them as they are too fragile and expensive.

Protecting your headphones

How to protect headphones from sweat: What a lot of people don’t realize is that sweat can be corrosive. It will end up being very problematic since it will damage the cushioning material and then the headphones will smell bad too. Then it will enter the internal components, and in the end, your headphones can stop working.

The best thing that you can do is clean your headphones and most specifically the cups after you use them. Some people also use sweat-resistant headphone covers as those will wick moisture away. It’s a simple but very convenient way to use them and it will help you prevent any damage. After all, this is a great investment for you, the last thing you want is to have it fall off and be fully damaged.

Preventing your headphones from falling out

You should always use headphones like the Beats Headphones which are super comfortable. Try to adjust the headband to add a bit of resistance so they won’t fall off when you move. Unfortunately, there’s no other thing you can do, since the headphones will fall off often and that’s why earphones might be a better option especially if you want to go to the gym.

Heat or cold damage

Beats Headphones are widely known for the fact that they are not extremely durable. That happens, it’s always going to be an issue especially if you use them in extreme conditions. These headphones are mostly suitable for personal use inside your home or in a studio. You shouldn’t use them in extreme cold or heat as they are obviously not going to bring you the type of value and quality you would want.

Should you buy Beats Headphones for working out? 

The short answer is no. Earphones like the PowerBeats 3 are the only ones that are known to have IP water resistance and they won’t get damaged by sweat. If you want you can try to work out with your Beats Headphones, however, the challenge comes from taking good care of them and always focusing on not having them fall off your head all the time. Plus, cleaning them and not allowing any moisture damage, in the long run, is another important aspect to think about. There are many different things that you must consider and think about, so it’s a good idea to avoid using Beats Headphones for workouts especially when there are much better options.

Even if the Beats Headphones are great headphones in general, they are not created for working out. They are better for listening to music at home or in a studio. You don’t want to use them at the gym or while you are running. It might sound like a great idea at first, but it’s not. Just make sure that you avoid working out with the Beats Headphones, instead go for the Beats Earphones as they are a much better fit for your workout routine!

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