How Do True Wireless Earbuds Work?

Most of us do make use of wireless earbuds but we only have little knowledge about it. This article aims at giving further enlightenment concerning the true wireless earbuds and also explain its workings to us.

How Do True Wireless Earbuds Work?

For every set of true wireless earbuds, there is one earbud majorly on the right side which is considered to be the primary bud. It is believed that it serves as a bridge that connects the source device with the secondary bud. It creates a tiny network. This tiny network is known as a piconet. 

What Are True Wireless Buds?

For those who care to know more about the true wireless buds. There are two buds in every true wireless bud. The first bud is the primary bud; it is always on the right side. It connects the secondary bud with the source device. The primary bud is responsible for the management of the piconet. In a situation where there is a delay in audio transmission, it compensates for it. 

There is no wire between the primary bud and the secondary bud. Also, there is no wire connecting it to the audio source. True wireless headphones do not have any wire between the buds and the device. This is the reason why it is more comfortable for use and attractive to users.

For true wireless earbuds to work perfectly, the Bluetooth signal will be transferred from the device to the primary bud. The primary bud will now pass the signal to the secondary bud. When you are using true wireless earbuds, as a user, you do not have to get worried about wire related issues. 

How Does Each Earbud Sync With Each Other?

Do you know that the right and the left headphones pair to each other via Bluetooth automatically? Yes, they do! The moment they are paired, messages will be sent back and forth. Then, the period it will take to send a message to make a round-trip will be computed. If it is in a noisier environment, there is a possibility of taking much time. The reason is that Bluetooth devices need to “wait their turn” before they broadcast. 

Once this is achieved, one of the earbuds will be paired to the phone. There is much workload on this; it will manage the two radio and compensate for the delay. This is the reason why the battery of the primary earbud always runs down faster.

Are There Microphones On True Wireless Earbuds?

True wireless earbuds have a microphone. For those who want a pair of wireless headphone that has a microphone, you are on the right track. Besides, it is 100% hands-free.

Are There Differences Between True Wireless Earbuds And Standard Wireless Earbuds?

There are significant differences between the true wireless earbuds and the standard wireless earbuds. You might not know much about the differences but this article will let you spot the differences. 

The most common type is wireless headphones. Most people do not even know the difference between the wireless headphone and the True wireless headphone due to their similarities. The two make use of Bluetooth for their connection. They also make use of rechargeable batteries. Both of them will give you a high-quality sound. However, they are still different.

Firstly, the wireless earbuds will require a cord if you want to charge it. You can use induction technology to charge the true wireless earbuds. That is, you can charge the true wireless earbuds through an inductive pad. The reason for this is that one half of the transformer in the true wireless earbuds is embedded in each of the pair of earbuds. Therefore, the current flows from one coil and leads to the other.

Also, the wireless buds use the cord or cable between them as a pathway for signal delivery. Whereas the Bluetooth signal transfers signal in the true wireless earbuds. When you are using true wireless earbuds, there is no fear or issue relating to wires. It is believed that True wireless earbuds are comfortable for users. 

It is believed that the interference in wireless headsets is too sensitive. For instance, when it is connected to a smartphone that transmits a signal which is equivalent to the frequency of the signal transmitted from your wireless headset, it can lead to invasion. When this happens, there will be a drop in audio reproduction. 

In a situation where you are using true wireless earbuds, it might be even worse. The reason is that there is an additional setup for Bluetooth transmission in the true wireless earbuds. There is an additional set up between the two buds.

In simple terms, the wireless headphones are assumed to be bigger and they also give a chance for more robust drivers. True wireless earbuds do not give chance for more robust drivers because it is not as big as wireless earbuds. 

Contrary to some reviewers believe that true wireless earbuds and wireless earbuds do not produce a good sound like wired earbuds. The truth is this; in wireless headsets, the transmission of audio is in a compressed format. As a result of this, there is a decrease in music resolution. In recent Bluetooth technology, this seems to have been corrected. There are aptX HD codecs and others that make the difference in sound unnoticeable. 

It is mostly advisable for people going to the gym for exercise to use a true wireless model for their comfort during the exercise. The majority of true wireless models are sweat-resistance which makes them more suitable for such use.

Few examples of True wireless earbuds



This is true wireless Earbuds. It possesses a microphone which useful for running. It is a rechargeable smartphone Bluetooth earphone. The good part of it is that it is sweat-proof. It is a cordless sports headphones useful for the gym. It has a charging case. Its stereo sounds are very clear.

Why Should You Go For i-JAZZ?

  • A long-lasting battery life with 4500mAh rechargeable battery
  • A crystal clear audio with crisp sound and deep bass
  • A portable charging case which provides 3-4 times longer charge by USB
  • A comfortable In-Ear earpods that stands firmly
  • Universal compatibility which makes it compatible with iPhone Earbuds, iPad wireless Headphones, and  Android Earphones. 

More Details

  • i-JAZZ is useful for those who love to work out. It is a Bluetooth earphone which makes it easier for you to connect your smartphone. It has a microphone which makes it possible to receive calls while doing a workout. You can keep changing the soundtracks while doing your work out. It pumps up your performance.
  • i-JAZZ wireless Bluetooth earbuds make use of the latest Bluetooth version 4.1+ RDR protocol. This is to give you a stable connection when you connect it with your android smartphone and iPhone. 
  • i-JAZZ is a cordless Bluetooth headphone designed with a lithium polymer rechargeable battery. This allows it to work for 15 hours while listening to music. When you are not using it, it is on a 40hours standby. You can easily run, walk and jog with it without any stress. 
  • i-JAZZ can easily connect with smartphones. Without stress, you can connect your device to it and keep enjoying your favorite songs. Due to its universality, It works with Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, iPhone X, XS, XR, iPad, and Android tablets.
  • i-JAZZ is useful for jogging, running, working out, etc. It is waterproof so you do not need to get worried in case if you lose it in the water or water splashes on it. It is comfortable for you and produces good sound. 



This is another piece of true wireless earbuds. Its Bluetooth version is 5.0 with Touch Control Auto Pairing. It is a 3D noise-canceling headphones. It is IPX5 waterproof which makes it more powerful to resist water. It has a portable charging case. Arsiperd has a TWS Built-in mic.

More Details

  • Arsiperd makes use of the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0. it is a 3D Hi-Fi deep bass. Its connections are stable for use. Its transmission distances cover up to 33ft (10m) away. 
  • Arsiperd is a new design therefore it comes with a one-step pairing technology. Its Bluetooth earbuds connect automatically to smartphones when you remove it from the case. It also turns off and charges automatically when you return it to the case. 
  • Arsiperd is an In-Ear design which makes it more comfortable for use. It is water-resistant which allows it to resist sweat while using it for sports, gym, etc. 
  • It can last for 3-4 hours of playing time. You can charge it for like 4-5 times. It gets full within an hour. It has a built-in mic in each of its earbuds. 
  • Arsiped has a multi-functional smart touch interface. As a result of this, it is easier to answer and end phone calls, and control music

In conclusion, true wireless earbuds are simply just the best kind of earbuds. They are water-resistant. The quality of sound is good and more portable for activities such as gym, sports, etc. You can hardly regret buying one of these devices.

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