6 Best Gaming Headsets For Racing Games

The need for speed is unquenchable. It’s a thirst that exists in the bottom of your gut and travels up your spine like electricity as you slam that accelerator down and hit the first curve.

If you know that feeling, then you know the desire to make the experience as enveloped as possible. Though you are racing via a console and a screen, you want everything else cut out, a wall of separation between you and reality. This way you can focus all of your senses on the spin of the tires and the position of the competitors. 

If you play Forza Horizon 4, you want to hear the new weather patterns as if they were happening outside your window. If you are playing Need for Speed Heat you want to match the improved visuals with the solid soundtrack.

If you are playing Ridge Racer Unbounded you want to hear the gurgle and roar of the engine as crisp as if you were actually in the driver’s seat. Regardless, if it is Burnout Paradise Remastered or Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection, the point is it to fully experience the pleasure of racing. Connecting with the car and the environment is the heart of the driver. Your peripherals make that happen. 

It might be relatively straightforward to buy a really nice screen with the proper refresh rate, or a modified tower with upgraded RAM and memory. It is even relatively easy to find a chair that is comfortable and cups your buttocks like a gorilla holding a kitten. However, it is more difficult to figure out which headset is best for your racing needs. Are racing headsets the same as gaming headsets? Will just any headset work? Does the price of a headset matter? Let’s walk through some of the basics before we jump into the top 6 gaming headsets for racing games.

What Makes A Good Headset?

What makes a good headset is that it ticks all your boxes. Something that looks like a Ferrari but performs like a Yugo isn’t worth the investment. If you are streaming or connecting with online friends, you will need to be concerned about more than just the sound. How long do you race in a single sitting? Comfort matters and that is why these headsets are bulkier than the ones you wear around town. They come with built-in added comfort. Let’s check out the top aspects of a quality gaming headset for racing games.


Again, comfort is the number one priority. You aren’t playing Sudoku. You can’t take your hands off the controls. Maybe, if you are playing solo, you could hit pause, but in any multiplayer arena when the light flashes green you are in it until the end. So, this means that you can’t risk an uncomfortable headset that will cause you to readjust the bridge every 5 minutes.

It should sit without pressing heavily on the top of your head or against your ears. There should be no headset fatigue. Will you still feel them? Yes, they aren’t made of air, but a quality pair can be worn for any length of gameplay that you require.


Sound is more important than you think. In first-person shooter style games, sound allows a competitor to hear and feel, through haptics, spatially where sounds come from. This is courtesy of surround sound. You may have mirrors in gameplay, but you still need to hear the noises around you.

Engines revving from your left or right can alert you of a competitor if you haven’t seen them yet. The weather that fits the momentum and positioning of the car adds to the overall experience. Realistic engine noises make you believe you are in the game, and the music makes everything more fun.


This is an obvious one. If you are even considering online play or streaming, then a quality mic is crucial to communicating with everyone. You don’t want to have to say anything twice. Further, you want to make sure that every one that is watching you can actually hear you over the web.

Wired or Wireless?

This hotly debated question comes down to lag and sound quality. Most audiophiles will say that wired is the only way to go because it doesn’t need any processing from the digital signal. However, Bluetooth technology has come a long way. Though lag is an issue, it is a minor one and all modern headsets won’t give you any lag issues. For this question, ask yourself whether or not you are a purist or if you would prefer to stand up and not yank the cord out of the computer.


Yes, there is a difference between utility features for different headsets. It isn’t that they don’t function well. Rather, make sure you get a headset that has everything you need for your purposes. Ask yourself, what am I using this for? Then read through the reviews below and pick one that actually does what you need it to do. Mind blowing.

What Are The Best Gaming Headsets For Racing Games?

The main contenders are some traditional gaming headsets and some not so traditional headsets. However, they all are at the top of the field and built perfectly for handling every decibel of engine horsepower. Here is a quick breakdown of the headsets and the specifications for each.

#NameConnectionsDriversFrequencySurround SoundBatteryWeight
1HyperX Cloud Orbit SUSB, 3.5 mm100 mm Planar10 Hz – 50,000 Hz7.110 H368 g
2Steelseries Arctis Pro + GamingDAC3.5 mm, USB, Optical40 mm Neodymium10 Hz – 40,000 HzDTS Headphone: X 2.0Wired348 g
3Audeze MobiusBluetooth, 3.5 mm, USB100 mm Planar 10 Hz – 50,000 Hz7.1 / 5.110 H350 g
4JBL Quantum OneUSB, 3.5 mm50 mm Neodymium20 Hz – 40,000 HzQuantum SPHERE 360, DTS Headphone X: v2.0Wired369 g
5Sennheiser GSP 670USB Dongle, BluetoothNo Info10 Hz – 23,000 Hz7.120 H398 g
6Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed WirelessUSB-A Lightspeed Wireless Dongle50mm Hybrid mesh Pro-G20 Hz – 20,000 HzDTS Headphone: X 2.020 H370 g

#1 HyperX Cloud Orbit S

HyperX Cloud Orbit S
HyperX Cloud Orbit S

If you have been in the gaming industry for even a month, you should know the name HyperX. Many of the top streamers use this brand and most of their versions are on all top ten headset lists for gamers. Why is the Cloud Orbit S so good? They teamed up with Audeze Mobius to bring the top tech to the gaming world. That is why their specs are so similar. You get all of the great high-end goodies. This includes a massive frequency range from 10 Hz – 50,000 Hz. It also includes an unheard of 100 mm planar magnetic cans, normally seen only on headphones.

With this headset, you won’t have to worry about compromising on any of the tech. You get the best of the audio and gaming worlds all in one package.


  • High Audio Quality with 100 mm Planar Magnetic Cans
  • Largest Frequency Range From 10 Hz – 50,000 Hz
  • VR Tracking With Waves NX Head-Tracking
  • On Average Lighter Than Most


  • No Bluetooth Connections
  • Low Battery Life Available
  • Slightly Poor Quality Microphone

The Take Away

The HyperX Cloud Orbit S is the best of both worlds. Based on the higher quality Audeze Mobius, this set retains all the qualities of an industry-standard racing game headset company. Don’t compromise when you are in need of a proper headset for your hours of racing.

#2 Steelseries Arctis Pro + GamingDAC

Steelseries Arctis Pro + GamingDAC
Steelseries Arctis Pro + GamingDAC

If you are looking for a headset that can do more than game hard then the Steelseries is your set. The Steelseries has always been known for its high-quality audio and gaming experience. However, with this set, you get the included Digital to Audio Converter (DAC) that only enhances the entire experience. You get an industry level converter instead of anything only included in just the headset. This means that when you take a lunch breach you can blast Pink Floyd while using the same headset. There is no need to switch between music headphones and a race gaming headset.

Further, because Steelseries has been in the gaming industry since the start, they understand the needs of the modern gamer. This means that you can compete in an Indie 500, hypothetically, without ever adjusting your headset. They are some of the most comfortable cans you will wear. They are also the lightest on the list.


  • Included Digital to Audio Converter
  • High-Quality Audio, Audiophile Standards
  • Large Frequency Range
  • Light and Highly Comfortable


  • Not the Best Surround Sound
  • No Wireless Option

The Take Away

If you are an audiophile that wants a classic gaming headset, then the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GamingDAC is your choice. Their high standards for audio and included Digital to Audio Converter is a solid bonus.

#3 Audeze Mobius

Audeze Mobius
Audeze Mobius

It is as good as it gets with the Audeze Mobius headset. If you are looking for the latest technology in gaming paired with the best audio headphone technology, you get the hybrid Audeze Mobius headset. They are known for making the best, and it shows. Few headsets have the 100 mm planar magnetic cans. None are able to integrate with mobile tech for enhanced VR experiences like these. They include Waves NX head-tracking allowing you to have a true surround sound experience as you move around. 

If you believe yourself to be a true audio enthusiast, an audiophile, or someone who wants to disconnect with the world as they burn rubber, then you need an audio experience that will match your enthusiasm. With options of Bluetooth, 3.5 mm, or USB, you can connect to any device that you want in the best way available.


  • Highest Quality Audio Of Any Gaming Headset
  • Guaranteed Best Tech and Utility
  • Largest Frequency Range
  • VR Tracking With Waves NX Head-Tracking
  • On Average Lighter Than Most
  • All Types Of Connections


  • Low End Battery Life

The Take Away

The Audeze Mobius headset is the highest quality headset you can buy for your racing experience. When you need more than competence, these will deliver a true performance. Perfect for any audiophile that believes in sound quality while gaming.

#4 JBL Quantum One

JBL Quantum One
JBL Quantum One

Coming in at 369 grams, the JBL Quantum One headset is not the lightest, but isn’t the heaviest. It’s USB or 3.5 mm wired connection eliminates the need to worry about lag or latency. However, the discussion should focus on the just massive cans that house the 50 mm neodymium drivers that pump beat boxing music and thumps into your brain. With an above-average frequency range from 20 Hz – 40,000 Hz, this headset will ensure a quality sound with the Hi-Res certification. 

That isn’t the main benefit from the JBL Quantum One headset. With these you get the added benefit of surround sound with Quantum SPHERE 360 and DTS Headphone X: v2.0. What do these do? DTS Headphone X: v2.0 creates a soundscape. Think of it as a digital landscape with locational sources for sound. How is this important? It means that you hear objects as if they are coming from their actual location. Quantum SPHERE 360 is a head-tracking technology that allows you to move your head and your position will rotate inside the soundscape. So, as you move your head the sounds stay fixed. This is the most immersive headset sound experience of any on the market.


  • Full Cross Console Compatibility
  • Large Frequency Range
  • Head Tracking Tech
  • 3D SoundScape Tech
  • Hi-Res Audio Certification


  • No Wireless Option
  • On The Heavy End
  • Bulky Cans
  • Not The Best Microphone

The Take Away

If you need audio that isn’t just quality, you need a surround sound system that creates its own landscape. This allows you to rotate your head inside the landscape and hear the sounds differently. The JBL Quantum One is the most immersive gaming headset on the market. Don’t just see the racers, hear the track as you turn the wheel and your head.

#5 Sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser GSP 670
Sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser made its name in the headphone category. This means that they have spent decades focused on the cans. They created one of the best headphones for record listeners or anyone looking to ensure the purest sound. The Sennheiser engineers made a direct transition into gaming headset design. This required a re-engineering of the standard headphone with the addition of a microphone and a secure wireless connection. The low latency and near-zero lag Bluetooth or USB connection ensures constant audio purity. The battery lasts an impressive 20 hours, with only 7 minutes of charging to provide up to two hours of constant gameplay.

To make sure that the Sennheiser headset could withstand the demands of the modern racing gamer, they made sure to include 4 extra padded portions of the head – tech connection. Sennheiser brings a perfect balance of mid and high levels to the gaming headset. 


  • Long Battery Life
  • Fantastic Audio Quality
  • Low Latency and Near Zero Lag
  • USB & Bluetooth Connections
  • Seven Minutes Of Charging Equals Two Hours Of Game Play
  • 4 Pads for Ultimate Comfort


  • A Bit Bulky
  • Smaller Frequency Range
  • No Wired Connection
  • Heavy

The Take Away

Most likely you’ve met an audiophile with a pair of Sennheiser headphones at home for listening to Dark Side of The Moon. So, if you want the best wireless experience with high quality sound and no lag, this headset is for you.

#6 Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed Wireless

Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed Wireless
Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed Wireless

Don’t let the name Logitech fool you. Just about every corporate office has a cheap pair of Logitech headphones or headsets. Why is this so common? Why is Logitech synonymous with audio conferences via telephones? Logitech incorporates its Blue Voice Technology and its proprietary software and specs to create an unparalleled voice experience. When you absolutely need to be heard either by your teammates, competitors or viewing audience you can absolutely rely on anything by Logitech. No matter what you yell as you spin out, everyone will hear your pain. 

But these aren’t just about the mic. They come backed with Logitech’s 50mm Hybrid mesh Pro-G, DTS Headphone: X 2.0, and a massive 20-hour lifespan for the battery. Where most headsets drop the ball, Logitech provides not only a reliable audio experience but a high-quality and fully immersive experience.


  • Excellent Sound
  • Excellent Microphone
  • Excellent Build
  • Long Battery
  • No Latency Issues


  • No Wired Connection
  • No Bluetooth Connect

The Take Away

This headset is a true gamer’s headset. Normally, when a massive company builds a version of their product for a market they don’t play in, the results aren’t great. However, Logitech is the exception to the rule. These are reliable, quality, and guaranteed to provide you the best race gaming experience.

Focus On Quality For Lasting Pleasure

When every you are focused on buying something that needs to perform when you ask it to, you need to remember that quality matters. When you are hanging on the side of a mountain by a parachute cord, you won’t be thinking, “well, I’m glad I saved 50% on this rope.” Rather, you are going to be glad that you splurged and paid the value of the product.

The same goes with gaming headsets for racing games. Think about the uses that you need for your set up. Think about the number of hours you game. If you buy something you like, you are more likely going to use it, love it, and keep it. So, pick your headset and go for it. See you on the next lap.

Difference between Bluetooth versio...
Difference between Bluetooth versions

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