8 Earbuds that are better than Airpods

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All of us know the popularity of Airpods. They are wireless or Bluetooth earbuds manufactured by the famous electronic gadgets and Software Company “Apple.” Not only do they play audio but also feature a high-quality built-in microphone, which filters out noise in the background – allowing you to take phone calls and to talk to the digital assistant “Siri.” 

On the other hand, earbuds are little devices mostly used at low volumes. Basically, they are a pair of small speakers, which can be worn inside your ears. This is the main purpose of earbuds. There are many true wireless earbuds products available online, which are considered better than Airpods for a wide range of reasons. 

Before we tell you about the top 8 earbuds that are better than Airpods, it is important that you know about the significance of Airpods, their pros, and cons and why you should go for an alternative option and choose wireless earbuds instead of Apple Airpods. Continue reading! 

Pros and Cons of Apple Airpods

When it comes to the advantages of Apple Airpods, the quality of sound is absolutely amazing. You will love listening to music. The sound is likewise very clear and not harsh. The bass is tight and powerful, but not overpowering and muddy. Unlike some wired earbuds, which have a high-frequency sound that can irritate your ears – the Airpods have no such frequencies. 

If you are looking for stylish earbuds that would leave you in a “wow” moment, we believe you won’t find anything stylish and aesthetically beautiful than Airpods. They feel and look beautiful. We can’t describe how relaxing and soothing they can be. 

Comfort is another advantage of Apple Airpods. Some people get irritated when they wear headphones. On the other hand, when it comes to Airpods, you can wear them all day long. If you have sensitive ears, “Apple Airpods” is the product you need. 

Despite the small size of the product, it has an impressive noise cancellation feature. It produces great audio quality and the design is both modern and functional. The acceptable battery life of Airpods is what makes the product popular among audiophiles. Airpods still comes with a portable charging case, which we think is another advantage. 

On the other hand, talking about the cons of Apple Airpods, sometimes, the silicone tips of the product feel like they would wear out easily. Another thing most consumers don’t like is the charging through lightning cable. There is no companion app and the product likewise feels very iOS-focused. Lastly, the biggest disadvantage of Airpods is that they are way expensive and most people can’t really afford it. 

Let us now tell you about the 8 best earbuds, which are better in appearance and function than Apple Airpods. 

#1 Samsung Galaxy Buds

First on our list is Samsung Galaxy Buds, which are comfortable and have solid battery life, as well as produce great sound at an affordable price. These earbuds are designed specifically for android users who are looking to have a comfortable, affordable, and great-sounding true wireless earbuds. 

With an ergonomic and compact fit, the wireless charging case plus the 6 hours of listening time, these earbuds are much better than Apple Airpods. Samsung Galaxy Buds are designed specifically for go-anywhere with built-in ear fins as well as basic sweat proofing, which allow them to be a great companion during any scenario. 

In addition, the design of the product is likewise very comfortable and you can use them for extended periods. This product has a smaller and compact charging case. In this sense, we can say that Samsung Galaxy buds can give tough competition to Apple Airpods. 

One thing most audiophiles don’t like about these earbuds is that they only carry a bit more than one recharge of juice. This means that sometimes, you won’t be able to use them all day long because of the more charge consumption. 

App-based customization allows the user to control the touch-sensitive areas or surfaces on the earbuds. You can likewise change volume – i.e. up and down as well as skip tracks, etc. You can adjust equalization. 

#2 Sony WF-1000XM3

The main reason you should buy Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless earbuds is that they come with active noise cancellation. Today, they are considered the most advanced wireless earbuds on the market. The earbuds are specifically designed for people who want everything – i.e. great battery life, great sound, customization, and above all, noise cancellation. 

It is no surprise to tell you that Sony earbuds combine super noise cancellation features with awesome sound quality, and a solid battery of more than 6 hours will give you the best audiophiliac experience. These earbuds get the impressive audio chops with help from Sony HX sound processing, which has the incredible ability to take even low-fi MP3s. 

As a result, they make the sound absolutely amazing and superb. The noise-cancellation feature is useful for getting rid of whisper-quiet background noise on airplanes, noise in offices, and public transit. Likewise, you can fully adjust noise cancellation and activate the transparency mode. This gives you good access to the surrounding sounds. 

#3 1More Stylish

People buy 1More Stylish because they produce solid sound, are super comfortable, low cost, and above all, sweat-resistant, which today is considered one of the main features in earbuds. If you are looking to have something that has a better battery than Airpods and a great sound for an affordable price, this is your product. 

One of the main reasons why this product is on our list is because of its comfortable and sleep design. 1More Stylish offers great functionality at a low price and you will get an impressive 6 hours of listening time. Similarly, with the charging case, you will get 26 hours of playback. You can also use the micro USB cable to charge the earbuds. 

When it comes to the disadvantages of 1More Stylish, there is no onboard volume level as well as you can’t use the built-in microphones to pass through the external sound. So, for workouts, although it is a handy feature, 1More Stylish misses it. 

In contrast to regular Apple Airpods, 1More Stylish has an amazing sweat resistance ability and the built-in ear fins along with silicone ear tips mean that they will remain in your ears even when you are having hard work out sessions in the gym with lots of sweat on your ears.

#4 Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds are comfortable and have an impressive noise reduction feature. Not only do they give you access to Alexa, but they also come at an affordable price. These earbuds are designed for people who want top-of-the-line features at the most competitive prices. Today, it is easy to find true wireless headphones and earbuds – especially those that come with great sound quality and excellent battery life. 

At the same time, people these days look for earbuds that come with good noise cancellation. This is a bit hard for people to search for earbuds with this feature. So, if you want earbuds that have the best noise cancellation feature, the best you can find is “Amazon Echo Buds.” 

Amazon Echo Buds combine cutting-edge technologies as well as features into an amazing product, which costs far less than many capable earbuds. Unlike Airpods, Amazon earbuds have not cut any corners, which means they incorporate all the amazing features that one usually looks for. 

Amazon’s Echo Buds have an active noise reduction system, which is designed by Bose. This system is effective for drowning out sounds externally. They also have great pass-through mode, which lets the user control how much sound he or she wants to get in. The product likewise has a triple-mic array, which allows the user to interact with Alexa without tapping on the earbuds. 

Moreover, the quality of sound is good enough for discerning ears. As far as the disadvantages of the product are concerned, the battery life is only at 5 hours. The charging case is not well-built and small as compared to Apple Airpods. There have been several changes in the latest versions – for example, the IPX4 water resistance and solid connectivity.

#5 JLab Epic Air Sport

The fully sweatproof, all-day battery life, great quality of sound, and price are the factors most people these days buy JLab Epic earbuds rather than the expensive Apple Airpods. These earbuds are designed specifically for people who are active individuals. For example, these are best for cyclists, runners, and people who do extreme sweaty workouts in the gym. 


JLab earbuds fit extremely well and they feature a great battery life – plus the quality of sound is exceptional. Unlike Airpods, which are the most expensive products for audiophiles, many of them go for an alternative – and most users say that there is no better product on the market than JLab earbuds. 

When it comes to the features of earbuds, they have built-in triple EQ pre-sets, which you can access without an app. The IP66 rating of these earbuds makes sure that these earbuds are perfect to be worn in any weather condition. However, you need to make sure not to wear them while swimming. On the other hand, these are strong earbuds and even sand won’t comprise the durability and sensitive electronics inside. 

JLab earbuds have a 10-hour battery life, which is more than the battery life of any other earbuds available on the market. The battery likewise works better than that of the Airpods. When you plug in the charging case, you can use it for more than 50 hours. Wow, amazing, isn’t it? 

Considering the big battery, the company encourages users to use it and topping off their other devices. Another best thing about this product is that these earbuds come with 7 sets of ear tips, which give you a comfortable fit. The ear hooks are robust and stylish. Furthermore, the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology featuring in these earbuds allow you to easily pair and make reliable connections. 

#6 Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus

Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus are earbuds that have amazing sound, a lot of features and super-fast charging as well as great battery life. The product is designed for audiophiles who are looking specifically for comfortable, long-lasting, and versatile pair of true wireless earbuds. 

People have liked almost everything about the MW07 – the original product of the company. However, the 3-hour battery life per charge was/is not something that most people will go for in the modern era of true wireless earbuds. So, with MW07 Plus, the company showed its interest in the earbuds space. 

Through this product, the company has made stylish earbuds with a whopping 10-hour battery life per charge. Not only do these earbuds include enhanced water-resistance features – i.e. from IPX4 to IPX5, active noise cancellation, and ambient sound mode. 

#7 Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro has excellent battery life, good sound quality, powerful bass, and awesome water resistance. These earbuds are made specifically for people who are looking for a robust set of earbuds, which sound great as well as have the stamina for the hardest and sweaty workouts in the gym. 

One of the main challenges for true wireless earbuds is long battery life. This challenge to the world of wireless earbuds is considered solved – because Power Beats Pro has nine-hour playback time per charge, which is so noteworthy. 

In addition, the quality of sound is competitive to Apple Airpods. These earbuds provide a good shake-proof fit and they also have brilliant ear hooks, which might look a bit bulky – nonetheless, you can make them get on and off your ears easily. These earbuds also have built-in optical sensors – so when you remove the earbuds, they will instantly pause the audio – thus, this allows you to make an easy and quick transition from listening to talking. 

The quality of sound is likewise very good – particularly low-end bass that is powerful, reliable, and never flabby. When it comes to the disadvantages of the product, many users have experienced a lot of frustrating connection issues in high-traffic areas despite they have incorporated an H1 wireless chip from Apple. Therefore, it is important that you keep your phone close to the earbuds for amazing sound quality and enjoyable music. 

#8 Klipsch T5 True Wireless

Klipsch T5 not only looks good but it also has an amazing quality of sound. The earbuds are made for audiophiliac users who want earbuds that not only sound great but have a long-lasting battery life along with amazing design and stylish that fits perfectly in the ears. With this brand, the quality of sound is perfect thanks to the latest cutting technologies. 

Thankfully, Klipsch earbuds are no exception when it comes to battery life, connectivity, sound quality, etc. The 8-hour battery per charge along with an addition 24-hour of juice with charging case make the product unique and perfect for audiophiles. 

The charging case of these earbuds looks like a zippo lighter. Many people think that these earbuds impart the cool factor – as the metal finish and curved corners make it all worthwhile. These earbuds also offer amazing call quality – this is something important for the users of true wireless earbuds. Usability is likewise great thanks to the built-in controls for track control, volume, play, and pause, as well as voice assistants. 

The product has IPX4 water resistance with the latest technology – much better than Apple Airpods. Thus, you can use T5 True Wireless earbuds in the wettest environments. T5 also has uniquely shaped sound tubes, which project the sound into the ear directly. However, it also allows the earbuds to sit squarely in the ear’s center. 

So, the comfortable arrangement of these earbuds as compared to Apple Airpods is something that can’t be ignored when you opt to look for true wireless earbuds that are much more affordable than Apple Airpods. 


True wireless earbuds are not connected by cords or wires. They use wireless technology, which allows them to stay connected to each other as well as to your phone. Just like other headphones, true wireless earbuds are evolving in terms of sound quality. The main disadvantage of such earbuds is the batter life. Many products available on the market do not have good battery life. 

If you want wireless earbuds that give you a great overall experience, you should look for the one that comes with APTX Bluetooth technology. Most of the earbuds mentioned in this article use APTX adaptive technology, which has high-bitrate codecs. There is a wide range of true wireless earbuds available on the market. However, not all of them can fulfill your specific needs accurately. 

In this sense, we have a list of true wireless earbuds that have almost all-inclusive features that one looks for in great wireless earbuds. We recommend you carefully read about the specifications of each product, its pros and cons, and choose the one that best fits your needs. If you are looking for the most affordable product, you can go for 1More Stylish earbuds. On the other hand, if you are looking to spend money and want a high-end product, you can buy Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus earbuds. Good Luck!

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