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How Much Does a Subwoofer Weigh? (With Comparison Charts)

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Needless to say, weight plays a major role while you are selecting your subwoofers since they come in different shapes and sizes depending on their usage. However, they do not affect the audio quality. For instance, car subwoofers tend to be less heavy (smaller thanks to limited space availability) and compact compared to their home theater cousins (that usually comes packed in enclosures). Let’s discuss the matter in detail.

The average subwoofer weight begins at 7 pounds and goes all the way up to 54 pounds. A car subwoofer often weighs a little less, probably around 26 pounds. You must consider the bass box weight (40-45 pounds) while mounting subwoofers in an enclosure inside your car.

The following is a detailed discussion of a few speakers I have handpicked from the vast collection of subwoofers. There is also a Q/A section in the end that will help you decide which size speakers are better for our car/home.

SubwoofersQ Acoustics Q B12 (Home)Skar Audio DDX-15 D4 (Car)SVS SB-1000 (Home)SVS SB-3000 (Home)Rockville Destroyer 12D2 (Car)
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
Dimensions17.56 x 15.75 x 15.75 inches19 x 18 x 11.5 inches18.5 x 18.5 x 17.72 inches21 x 21 x 24 inches16 x 15.5 x 13 inches
Weight47.40 lbs40 lbs26 lbs54.5 lbs54
Driver Size12 inches15 inches12 inches13 inches12 inches
Watts (Peak RMS)200 Watts RMS, Peak 440 Watts1000 Watts RMS, Peak 1500 Watts325 Watts RMS, Peak 820+ Watts800 Watts RMS, Peak 2500+ Watts2000 Watts RMS, Peak 8000 Watts

Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer (Home)

Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer

Weighing at a brisk 21.5 kg, the Q Acoustics Q B12 is not the heaviest subwoofer on the block. However, take care while lifting the bad boy. The sealed cabinet is well-built and is relatively easy to place around the room once you get used to the weight. The smooth black vinyl finish also sits well with any kind of room you can manage to put it in.

The TPA3255 class D amplifier also does a great job of delivering room-shaking audio on high volumes, which is great for any small to medium home. The driver also does a splendid job of handling the classic acoustics of the distant past. In conclusion, the Q Acoustics Q B12 is a splendid speaker for both budget and premium options. It’s not the loudest but gets the job done in a home scenario.


  • Powerful audio with lots of oomph
  • Well built and integrated
  • Negligible sonic imposition


  • Quite big
  • Lacks power in large-sized rooms

Skar Audio DDX-15 D4 (Car)

Skar Audio DDX-15 D4

The Skar audio DDX-15 D4 is a combination of SPL and SQ subwoofers allowing it to produce accurate bass notes straight out of the box. 

DDX-15 is among the few 15-inch driver subwoofers that are capable of 1000 RMS thanks to the 2.5-inch high-temperature voice coil. You can even crank the subwoofer all the way up to 1500 Watts for a decent amount of time before the audio starts to crackle.

One of the greatest benefits of the DDX-15 is the 202 oz ferrite motor, allowing the subwoofer to accurately hit those low-sounding notes that are otherwise impossible on standard subwoofers.

I recommended the subwoofer to one of my friends and he was overwhelmed by its performance. He usually does not listen to very loud music, so the speaker is perfect for him. And even if he did, simply installing a higher power battery or an alternator is sufficient enough. The versatility makes the DDX-15 is one of the best budget-friendly car subwoofers on the market.


  • Crisp audio, even at 1500 RMS
  • Contains high-grade material
  • Advanced airflow cooling design for longer listening sessions


  • Speakers tend to rattle on super-high volumes
  • Relatively low RMS
  • Requires you to get an enclosure that can be difficult to optimize.

SVS SB-1000 (Home)

SVS SB-1000

The SVS SB-1000 is the best when it comes to looks and design, and given the size of the device, the subwoofer is relatively light. It’s almost unbelievable how an entry-level product could be of such high quality. Even the smooth corners limit any kind of accidents you would usually experience with other subwoofers.

The SB-1000 consists of a rigid fiber cone that is attached to a dual ferrite magnet motor assembly. This is probably the reason you get such high-quality audio even at this price range. The STA-325D amplifier offers a reasonable balance in heat and overall power output, which is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.

The SB-1000 can reach as low as 20Hz before it starts to fizzle out, and although there are subwoofers that can go lower, 20Hz is almost always enough for most medium rooms.

The SB-1000 comfortably delivers audio in a 250 sq foot area when it comes to movies and Dolby Atmos. Any larger, and the audio will appear less prominent. Moreover, one of the greatest advantages of the subwoofer is how easily it’s able to connect with almost any 2.1 speaker system. It’s a complete package and suitable for any home theater setup.


  • Delivers crisp bass with all little details intact
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality audio at a budget-friendly price


  • Not the highest volume and unsuitable for large rooms
  • Low RMS for the given price

SVS SB-3000 (Home)

SVS SB-3000

The weight on the SB-3000 is easily counterbalanced by how easy it is to move around and set up in a room. You can easily wrap your hands around it and adjust it to all your heart’s content. It’s undoubtedly one of the best build speakers in the market once you decide to look past the fingerprint issue.

The deep bass delivered by the ported SB-3000 also outperforms the rest of the competition. The sound difference is greatly superior to its superiors. Thanks to the two 7-inch ferrite magnets and a Class D amp, it ensures it does not generate excess heat and makes long listening sessions possible even on high volumes.

Whether you are watching movies or listening to music, the SB-3000 takes care of it all. It’s an all-rounder subwoofer that leaves the competition in the dust. Not only is it well built, but it contains all the latest tech; the perfect subwoofer for a modern household. 

Although as good as it is, the subwoofer is suitable only for basic stereo systems. For instance, the SB-3000 does not support custom overly advanced custom home theater rigs, so features such as balanced XLR are a no go when it comes to the subwoofer.


  • Premium quality subwoofers are suitable for both music and movies
  • Huge audio output potential
  • Reasonably small build and quite easy to set up in rooms


  • The dedicated app lacks a proper tutorial for beginners
  • Prone to fingerprints due to the glossy surface

Rockville Destroyer 12D2 (Car)

Rockville Destroyer 12D2

The Rockville Destroyer is a powerhouse and is one of the best car speakers in the market. The voice coils are made up of 4-layered Black Aluminium coils that are 3-inches thick. Even the glue they use is high quality and one that is capable of handling extremely high temperatures without faltering. 

The non-pressed paper cone surrounded by a  thick foam dramatically reduces distortion while driving and produces best-in-class highs and lows unique to the brand.

Thanks to the ultra-stiff cones, the 12D2 has a peak power rating of 8000 Watts when pushed to its absolute limits. The programmable power handling is 4000 Watts, and the RMS sits at 2000 Watts which is more than enough for a car.

The Rockville Destroyer 12D2 is undoubtedly one of the best car speakers you can ask for at this price range. One that promises to deliver consistently without hiccups.


  • Reduces quite a lot of distortion, judging by the standards of car speakers
  • Handles power pretty well with up to 2000 Watts RMS


  • Not as sensitive as others in the price segment.
  • You do miss out on a bit of audio detail, even though there is little to no distortion


What size of subwoofers is best for my car?

Subwoofers selection varies according to personal preference. Size does not always equal power or quality. Expensive subwoofers can perform badly, and cheap ones can do exceptionally well. What matters is the RMS, the setup, and how you choose the rest of the equipment for the system.

Does the weight of a subwoofer affect the audio?

Higher weights usually mean the subwoofer packs better equipment which equals better sound. However, the weight does not affect the overall audio quality of a subwoofer. The only factors that affect the audio quality are the RMS, the driver size, and the components used inside of it.

How does size affect a subwoofer?

The size of each subwoofer determines what kinds of sounds they can play exceptionally well. There are usually four sizes available when it comes to subwoofers- 8, 10, 12, and 15.

What are the benefits of an 8-inch subwoofer?

8-inch (5-11 lbs) subwoofers are usually the smallest. You can get even smaller for both cars and home setups, but you’ll need more than one to experience the difference. 

The benefits of 8-inch divers are:

1. Best suited for classics and jazz music.

2. Gives detailed auditory effects to specific frequencies (provided you have bought a decent set). 

What are the benefits of a 10-inch subwoofer?

Best suited for country or rock music since the 10-inch (6-31 lbs) drivers can produce loud sounds thanks to the huge amounts of air circulation within it.

What are the benefits of a 12-inch subwoofer?

12-inch (10-50) drivers are subwoofers suitable for any kind of music you throw at them. Capable of even outperforming 15-inch drivers.

What are the benefits of a 15-inch subwoofer?

15-inch (12-40 lbs) subwoofers are reserved for hardcore fans due to their ability to pump out tons of air, producing bass unlike any other. They are best used to listen to RAP music or highly synthesized low frequencies that regular run-of-the-mill subwoofers are unable to replicate.

You can also get 18-drivers as well, but they are overkill, especially for cars. You will need a separate battery to power those; otherwise, the load on your car’s existing battery and the alternator will be immense.


In conclusion, the weight of a subwoofer has little to no effect on its performance. It’s the internal equipment that matters and determines its overall audio output. Weight is simply the result of all the equipment that’s inside the subwoofer. However, buying a subwoofer from the hundreds and thousands of options out of three is not easy. 

I only helped shorten the list with a few of my recommendations. Feel free to do your research and please mention better alternatives that you find in the comments below.

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