Do Apple Earbuds Work on Android? (And common issues)

apple earbuds work on android

It’s been a long and heated debate between Apple and Android users over which product is better. Android users claim that their phone batteries last longer, while Apple users claim that their phones are easier to use. One thing is for certain – not every accessory is compatible with both brands.

So, do Apple earbuds also work on Androids? The answer is yes, some Apple earbuds do work on Androids, while for some, you may need an adapter.

Whether if you are considering making the big switch from one brand to the other, but are worried about losing some of your accessories in along the way, don’t worry. Here is a quick guide to some of the accessories that are and are not compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Do Apple Earbuds Work on Android?

While some Apple earbuds do work on Android devices, you can also use standard Android earbuds on Apple products with the proper adapter. The newer iPhones actually come with a headphone jack adapter, which can make the old earbuds work with the newer phones.

After the iPhone 7 was released, Apple discontinued the old earbuds with the 3.5mm jack, which is the standard headphone jack that was used with nearly every device of any brand. The iPhone 7 need earbuds with a completely different jack. They don’t have a headphone jack; instead, they use the same port as the charging port.

If you have a pair of the wired earbuds that comes with the new iPhones, you’ll notice that the jack fits into the charging port. Only Apple products have this kind of port. So, if you want to use these earbuds on an Android device, you’ll need to purchase an adapter. You can find these adapters on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Even though you need an entirely separate piece, it’s pretty easy to get your Apple earbuds to work on an Android device. Just plug the earbuds into the adapter and plug that into the device, and now you have working earbuds!

However, some Androids do still have the standard headphone jack. So, if you still have the older 3.5mm earbuds from Apple, those will work perfectly fine with Android devices.

Just as Apple changed its headphone jack a couple of years ago, so did Android. The new Android phones ditched the separate jack, as well. Most smartphone users now actually use wireless Bluetooth earbuds because it’s just easier

Do Airpods Work with Apple and Android Products?

Yes, even Airpods, will work with both Apple and Android products. Airpods are the new Apple brand earbuds that were launched when they removed the headphone jack off of their phones, starting with the iPhone 7.

At first, Apple users were frustrated when Apple released a phone without a headphone jack because:

  • It meant that you couldn’t charge your phone while listening to music. 
  • You’d also have to replace all of their old earbuds from previous phones. 

So, the best option for users was to get Bluetooth earbuds, so Apple released their own wireless earbuds – the Airpods – along with the new phone.

Since then, Airpods have become incredibly popular. Users love them for their wireless style to the ability to charge them right in their case. Even though wireless Bluetooth earbuds existed before Airpods came out, Airpods have a sleek white design that matches all things Apple, so it only feels right to buy a pair for your phone.

If you’re an Android user but you still love Airpods, whether if it’s for their white design or you just want to be a part of the hype, you can still use them! Because Airpods are Bluetooth products, they can connect to almost any device that has Bluetooth capabilities, Apple or Android alike. 

What about Chargers?

Unfortunately, you cannot use an Apple charger on an Android or vice versa. Both types of phones have a very specific charging port that can only take their brand of charger. Over the years, Apple users had to switch up their chargers. But Android users were able to stick to their old chargers.

Apple charges have changed over time. For phones older than the iPhone 4s, you’ll need the 30-Pin to USB Cable to charge your devices. This charger has one end that is USB to plug into your charging port, and the other end is a wide port to plug into your phone.

For the newer generation iPhones, you will need the Lightning to USB cable. The more recent iPhones, iPhone 6 and above, have a different charging port than the older models. The older models have a wider port, whereas the newer models have a much smaller port. So, for the smaller ports, you’ll need what is called a Lightning cable.

All Androids, on the other hand, can share a charger. Android hasn’t changed its charging port sizes, so any charger is compatible with any Android device. If you live in an Android-only household, then everyone has access to a charger. 

In fact, the accessibility of having a universal charger is a huge selling point for Android users. After Apple released the new iPhone 5, users were frustrated that they would have to switch over to a completely different charger, wasting the perfectly good ones that they already had. Android users didn’t have this problem, so they enjoyed being able to stick to one charger.

Adapters and Multi-Cord Chargers

If for some reason you need both Apple and Android chargers, then you are not completely out of luck. Now, there are chargers that have both Micro-USB chargers and Lightning cables. If you need access to both chargers at once, then you should look into getting one of these chargers.

If you can make do with only charging one phone at a time, then there are some chargers that have a Lightning adapter that you can clip onto the Micro-USB. The Lightning adapter simply clips onto the Micro-USB and it turns the charger into an Apple charger instantly. However, unlike the multi-cable chargers, you can only charge one phone at a time.

Wireless Chargers

Now with everything becoming wireless, there are even wireless charging stations for your phones. With these charging stations, all you have to do is connect it to a power source and you can just simply set your phone on it, and it will charge.

Unfortunately, these charging stations are only compatible with the most recent phone models. However, there are some brands of charging stations that are actually compatible with both Android and Apple products.

Despite what a lot of people may think, these wireless chargers aren’t actually powered by Bluetooth. In fact, they are actually powered by connecting to a receiver that is on the back of the phone and transferring energy through the pad.

These chargers are really convenient because they get rid of the mess of tangled wires while staying compact and actually offer fast charging speeds. Some charging stations can actually charge multiple devices at once, such as an iPhone, Airpods, and an Apple Watch at the same time. 

Are Other Bluetooth Accessories Compatible with Both Apple and Android?

Aside from Airpods, most other Bluetooth accessories will work with both Apple and Android products. Bluetooth products, like speakers or earbuds, are typically compatible with both kinds of phones. Most companies make Bluetooth accessories compatible with multiple devices so that their products are easily accessible and are able to sell to everyone. 

Accessories like earbuds and speakers are usually universally compatible, so you don’t ever have to worry about buying the wrong brand accidentally. This is really convenient if you live in a multi-device household. This way, everyone can connect to a speaker or have earbuds to listen to music with. 


While there are still some accessories that can’t work on both phone types, the popularity of Bluetooth devices has bridge most of the gaps between Apple and Android. If something doesn’t need to plugin, the size and shape of the port don’t really matter as much anymore.

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