10 Best Sweat Resistant Over-ear Headphones

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For all those who work hard, they need equipment, which keeps up – this is where the sweat-resistant over-ear headphones come in. Whether you opt for sweat-resistant wireless headphones and/or sweat-resistant over-ear headphones, you can take advantage of excellent sound quality. 

When you exercise, you listen to music and it is a big help when it comes to your motivation levels. This is why it is vital to have headphones, which will help you keep on your exercise or game. It also won’t let you down – especially, when exposed to certain elements, which come with an exercise – whether it is weather or sweat. 

Sweat-resistant headphones are likewise a brilliant choice if you require sports accessories in order to keep you on track as well as do not want to compromise on the quality of sound and durability in the process. There are many sweat-resistant headphones that come with fitness trackers and when you buy a super comfortable fit, you will be left to jog, run, or bike as you please. 

Many people use earbuds or in-ears for exercise because they have a stable, breathable, and compact design, there are people who prefer over-ear headphones. Some people think that over-ear headphones are not ideal for exercising or any sports activity. 

The reason is that such types of headphones are quite bulky, which will make your ears warmer. As a result, you will sweat more during the exercise. On the other hand, for many people, over-ear headphones are easy-to-use, long-lasting, comfortable, feature-packed, and versatile than in-ear headphones or earbuds. 

While you can use any headphones for working out, some models can deal with fitness rigors better than others. For example, the regular ear padding for a number of full-size headphones can wear down quickly after they are exposed to your glistening sweat repeatedly. 

Fitness-geared headphones not only resist the sweat, but they also come with removable cushions, which you can wash and swap. Some headphones are also very sweat-resistant, which likewise makes them less prone to slippage from the oiliness. 

How to choose the best headphones for workout or exercise?

A decent pair of “workout” or “exercise” headphones are worth your investment. A number of research studies have shown that the right temp and type of tune can keep in the music zone for a longer period of time. In order to choose the best headphones for exercising or working out, you need to look for a few important things. 

Sweat Resistance: Although normal headphones work well for working out, if they fit well enough, they are just not designed to stand up heavy sweat when you jog or run. More interestingly, when you do exercise, you have sweat all over your body and you certainly don’t want sweat on your ears. It is because the sweat will ruin your headphones. So, you need to choose headphones that are either sweat-resistant or sweat-proof. 

Comfortable Fit: there are many fitness-oriented designs, which wrap around your head tightly – over and around your ears. In experts’ opinion, the most optimal types of headphones are lightweight Bluetooth or wireless headphones with good ear cups that fit comfortably on your ears. 

The quality of Sound: Although sweat-resistance is the first and comfort is the second most important factor while choosing headphones for exercise, you can’t simply ignore the quality of sound. It is because you are using headphones to listen to music. So, when your headphone is really good when it comes to sweat-resistance but has a poor sound quality, then it is of no use. Obviously, you want a headphone that comes with both sweat-resistance and high-quality sound features. You need to choose a headphone that has both sweat-proofing and quality sound features.  

There are tons of headphone products available on the market. However, not all of them work well – especially, when it comes to sweat-resistance or sweat-proofing. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the 10 best sweat-resistant over the ear headphones. 

We recommend you to read this article carefully in order to get the most out of it. Likewise, a thorough understanding of the information given in this article will also help you choose the best headphone – particularly, when you do exercise, run, or jog. Read on! 

Quick Overview

Headphone NameSweat-ResistanceWater-proofingBattery Life
Sennheiser PXC 550 wirelessYesNo20 hours
Beats Studio3 WirelessYesNo22 hours
Plantronics backbeat go 810YesNo 22 hours
Skullcandy Hesh 3YesNo22 hours
BlueAnt Pump Zone Bluetooth Over-earYesYes15 hours
Edifier w800bt headphonesYesYes30 hours
Edifier H840 headphonesYesNo 22 hours
August Over-ear Wireless HeadphonesYesNo15 hours
Poly BackBeat Fit 6100YesYes24 hours
Plantronics backbeat go 600YesNo18 hours

#1 Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless

One of the best sweat-resistant over-ear headphones for exercise, Sennheiser PXC has a tight but comfortable over-ear fit, which is stable enough to wear – especially, when it comes to working out or jogging. These headphones have a touch-sensitive control scheme, which is easy-to-use. Also, they have active noise canceling and sweat proofing properties. 

Sennheiser PXC has great customization options – particularly, due to its companion app, which means that you can equalize the sound profile in order to suit your tastes in a better way. 

These headphones also have 27.5 hours of battery life, which is convenient for all users. In addition, you can save power with an adjustable auto-off time, which is also very convenient – even if you wear them all day. 

Unlike its sweat-resistant properties, the noise-canceling features of these headphones are not the best. Sennheiser PXC tends to leak a bit of sound – particularly, at higher volumes. 

#2 Beats Studio3 Wireless

If you are looking for sweat-resistant over-ear headphones, which also look stylish, then there is no better choice than Beats Studio3 Wireless over-ear headphones. When it comes to absorbing sweat, these headphones are more comfortable than the Sennheiser PXC 550. Beats Studio3 has a much decent and bass-heavy sound quality along with battery-life of 23-hour and active noise canceling features. 


The headphones can also block a significant amount of ambient noise. This will help you put the focus on your workout without worrying about noise. The quick charge feature of these headphones is useful when you forget to charge your headphones overnight before you go to the park for exercise or to the gym. 

When it comes to downsides of these headphones, Beats Studio3 Wireless can sound a bit cluttered or muddy as well as their iOS integrated user interface does not offer options for customization so that you can easily equalize the way these headphones sound. 

In addition, these headphones do not support certain features – for instance, passive playback. This means you can’t use them wired in case the battery dies that might be a deal-breaker for some people. 

Moreover, the easy-to-use and comfortable design along with their stylish looks and stable fit as well as high-quality sweat absorbing material make them a good choice for people who work out at the gym. 

#3 Plantronics BackBeat Go 810

If you are looking to have a more balanced sound profile along with a physical control scheme as well as the sweat-proof or resistant stability, Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 is one of the best choices for you to go for. Not only do these headphones have excellent sweat-proofing material but they also have a stable fit and an outstanding physical control scheme. 

Plantronics BackBeat has a sleek matte finish with accents of copper metallic – giving these headphones a fairly comfortable and high-end look. In addition, they have a neutral audio production – making them a good choice if you are exercising and want to listen to a wide variety of music genres. The battery life of this headphone is 24.5 hours, which means that you don’t need to charge them every day. 

#4 Skullcandy Hesh 3

Skullcandy Hesh 3 is a headphone with incredible sweat-resistant properties. This headphone also packs more bass in order to get you excited about your exercise. It is important to know that this headphone does not have an active voice canceling, still, you get decent sound quality with powerful bass. In addition, a tight and stable fit along with good battery life is perfect for exercising – all at the most affordable price. 

While this headphone is better-suited to bass-heavy music genres, it does not overdo it – particularly, by drowning out lead instruments and vocals. The 19-hour battery life is good, and you can also use this headphone wired when the battery runs out too. These headphones also have a quick charge feature, which will give you a few playback hours from a ten-minute charge – this is very convenient. 

#5 BlueAnt Pump Zone Bluetooth over Ear

BlueAnt headphones are considered the best for running and workout. The manufacturer has designed these headphones bearing in mind the needs of “activewear.” Loud, comfortable, and hygienic, the headphones can satisfy all the necessary or essential needs of a runner. These headphones look extremely simple and functional. 

The black color, as well as sleek fitment, make sure they blend in with the user’s looks. In addition, the headband is wide, which is also padded with soft cushions. The ear cups of these headphones are large enough and racetrack oval. 

Moreover, the earpieces are antimicrobial and sweatproof, which makes sure the sweat and germs do not create an unhygienic environment for you. The headphones can fit in medium and large-sized ears. Similarly, the earpieces can swing forward and adapt to your head’s shape. 

#6 Edifier W800BT Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones low-profile and snugger looks than other headphones from the same manufacturing company. The ear cups are racetrack oval and the headband is broad. So, these headphones sit easily and comfortably on your ears with low clamp pressure. In addition, the racetrack oval earpads mount the ear cups.

The headphones are topped with faux leather, which allows air circulation and makes the sweat go away. The sleek looks of these headphones make them a complete working out headphones. Therefore, experts recommend these headphones to female users because of their moderate size of the ear cups. 

#7 Edifier H840 Headphones

The Edifier H840 headphones have a matte black design, which blends in with all situations. The headphones’ arms are marked L and R very discretely. The headband has plenty of padding and this has a steel frame. You can extend the headphone on both sides to fit your head. 

In addition, the earcups are racetrack oval, which is topped with pads made from soft foam. The pads are likewise sheathed in leather. The earcups can likewise fold flat and hang comfortably – especially, of the neck when you are not using it. These are wired headphones and the cable can extend to both earcups. 

The cylindrical cable can likewise handle the tangles accurately. There are no additional accessories. The ear cups are sweat-resistant and do not allow the bacteria or any other type of microbe to penetrate due to sweat. 

#8 August Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

These headphones look pretty smooth and their earcups are rectangular-shaped, which are mounted with deep earpads, which can nestle with the large ears. In addition, the headband is quite slim and broad, which is padded at the arch. Similarly, the headband arms can fold inward, which reduces these headphones into a compact design, which is easily portable. 

Simply put, these headphones are Bluetooth-enabled, has balanced audio, foldable, good bass, and very durable. The ear pads have excellent sweat-proofing properties and the material from which they are made can easily absorb sweat in order to keep the environment around your ears healthy. 

#9 Poly BackBeat Fit 6100

Sometimes, people do not want in-ear buds – however, they still want wireless headphones. If you want the same, then don’t worry, we have got your back. If you belong to a sociable gym, a traditional headphone is what you are looking for. In this regard, the BackBeat Fit 6100 is easy-to-wipe down as well as the headband is accurately perforated for breathability. 

These headphones also have a unique feature, which helps you keep the headphones on your head. This is known as the “beast mode” tether, which loops on different pegs in order to give you the best fit. The quality of sound is rich if a bit heavy on the bass, the design of the headphones help to isolate other noises. 

The earpads of these headphones are quite comfortable and soft. The material from which these earpads are made is softer and has excellent sweat-absorbing properties. This does not allow bacteria to move in or fungus to grow due to the damp environment. Moreover, you can change the pads of the headphones. 

#10 Plantronics Backbeat Go 600

If you are looking for lightweight over-ear headphones for your exercise, you can get the Plantronics Go 600 headphones. These headphones are not too tight. Therefore, they actually do not fit quite as safe as some other models on our list. However, it is important to mention that these headphones apply little pressure on your head’s top and have a lightweight design. 

These headphones have an easy-to-use control scheme along with physical buttons on the ear cups’ outer part. This is easy to access while running, jogging, or doing squats. Plantronics Go 600 also has an exciting v-shaped smiley face sound signature, which delivers a lot of thumping bass that can be great for exercising. The headphones also have an additional feature to boost the bass in order to help get you more pumped while working out. 


If you are a gym rat or an avid runner, a great pair of headphones is worth your investment. While it is easy to get influenced by well-written marketing copy and bright colors, there are some factors that you need to consider when you try to decide which headphones to purchase. 

While any headphones can work for people when they exercise, many of them can fall apart if the user gets caught up in rainfall while running. So, such headphones may also don’t work properly once the user gets drenched in sweat. 

So, this is the reason why sweat and water resistance are must-haves for workout headphones you opt to purchase. You do not want your headphones to go off suddenly in the middle of a good exercise because sweat can seep into the audio drivers. If you do swimming, you can even buy waterproof headphones. 

After sweat-proofing or sweat-resistance, you need to take into consideration the fit or comfort of your potential headphones. No matter how optimal your headphones sound, if you want to adjust them on your ears on you move faster or abruptly, then you may face a problem. 

Exercising involves different abrupt movements and halts. Therefore, it is important that your headphones fit safely and securely. Many headphone manufacturers use light ear tips and curved hooks in order to fit the headphones snugly on your ears. 

So, it is vital that your headphones are lightweight since the weight of your headphones will play an important role in how well they will fit on your ear. In this article, we have reviewed 10 best sweat-resistant headphones. 

Make sure you choose the one that best fits your needs and/or requirements. For instance, if you want to buy a cheaper model, then you need to go for Edifier W800 BT headphones. Likewise, if you are looking to purchase a high-end sweat-resistant headphone that comes with many other unique features, you can go for Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. Good Luck! 

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