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Can You Fix Headphones That Got Wet?

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Our headphones are with us daily and are not always protected from getting wet, but we do not always think about our headphones getting wet. A lot of times your headphones might get wet by the rain, dropped in a pool, or even have a liquid spilled on them. If you frequently use headphones, you’ve probably had them accidentally exposed to water at least once.

Can you fix headphones that got wet? Yes, in many cases you can fix your headphones if you’ve gotten them wet. Of course, there are circumstances under which the headphones will be irreparable; this will depend on the extent of damage caused by the water. If your headphones were in use when they became wet, there is a good chance that they will be irreparable from damage to the circuits.

Overall, if you can find out how to fix your wet headphones without buying new ones, then you have money saved in your pocket, a sense of accomplishment, and your favorite headphones still are intact.

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a pair of headphones that appear to be broken because you dropped them in a puddle or spilled a glass of water on them, then you’re going to want to continue reading to find out all the details on how to fix them.

How Do You Fix Headphones That Got Wet?

It is not impossible to fix headphones that are wet. There are ways that you can go about it and not make the situation worse – causing you to buy new headphones. So if you have ever thought about fixing your wet headphones, now is a great time to start.

Now it is not always guaranteed that the method of fixing your wet headphones will work because they may be too damaged from the water making your effort a bit time-consuming and a waste. But most of the time the headphones are not too wet, where you can apply a few steps and start listening from them again.

Though there is no way of protecting your headphones from water all of the time because stuff happens and we as people tend to get caught up in what the day brings us: rain, the pool, or even a spilled drink. But if the headphones do get wet and they can be fixed, then taking the time to fix them is better than shopping for new ones.

This method of fixing wet headphones is not a difficult task. However, it should be done as soon as possible to preserve and bring your headphones back to listening order. I looked up a way to fix the wet headphones that do not require a lot of work to get started.

Here are some simple yet less costly ways of fixing your headphones that got wet as shown by the company Shure with their FAQ #3980. These instructions are as follows:

  1. Dry the earphones thoroughly with a soft towel
  2. Remove the foam/rubber/elastic nozzle sleeves and let them air dry.
  3. Shake the earphones to remove water droplets.
  4. Let the earphones air dry for 48 hours.
  5. Do not speed the drying by using a clothes dryer, a hairdryer, or any other type of forced hot air.
  6. Drying time can be reduced by storing the earphones in a small container that has a desiccant (moisture absorber) packet in it. Typically such a packet has blue crystals of silica gel. Note: These desiccant packets can be used indefinitely if they are dried out in an oven at low heat.
  7. Uncooked rice can also be used as a desiccant.  The earphones can be placed directly into a small bag of rice granules. The rice will absorb moisture and give the earphones a delightful sushi aroma.

Although these tips are for a name brand set of headphones that you might not have, the tips can be used for your name brand headphones as well.

Other Ways To Fix Headphones That Got Wet

A thing to remember when fixing your headphones is that not one person has the same pair of headphones, as all brands are different. The good thing is that there is more than one way to fix your headphones.

Some Tips On Fixing Different Headphones Examples:

  • How to Fix Water-Damaged Headphones! (Video Link)
    Youtuber TechPcChris explains his process about how he fixes his water damaged headphones using rice, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, and a container. The size of the container depends on the size of your headphones.  
  • How to fix water-damaged apple headphones fast easy and free.  (Video Link)
    Rofl_dragon goes into the way he would fix his Apple headphones that got damaged by taking a dunk in his bathtub. He simply blows gently into the holes in the top of the headphones!
  • Airpods that got wet and how to fix it (my own hacks) (Video Link)

In this video, Mika Candelaria shares how she uses the rice method to save her AirPods from water damages, including the best way to insert them into the rice.

Keep these two videos bookmarked for the next time your headphones are exposed to moisture so that you know that has had the problem of wet headphones.

Wireless or Wired

There is something that we did not go over as we were talking about fixing headphones that got wet. And that was whether the headphones were wired or wireless. The difference between the two is that one is connected directly into the device while the other is being connected by a wireless connection or Bluetooth. 

One thing that is thought about when talking about wired or wireless headphones is the fact that they need to be fixed differently. This would not be the case as you can clean Bluetooth headphones the same way you would clean wired headphones. 

You should open the headphones up and check the electrical parts of the headphones for water damage. If there is water damage to the headphones, let the electrical part of the headphones dry out for at least a few hours to allow the moisture to leave. Once that is taken care of, put the wireless headphones back together, and start using them again.

With that being said, you can get any pair and style of headphones that you want. Fixing the headphones will not be too difficult or too expensive. So the odds of you not being able to fix your wired or wireless headphones is small.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Headphones

So yes, you can fix your headphones that got wet, and there are ways that you can take care of your headphones as well. Regarding headphone care, you want to make sure that you have something to keep them in. 

  • Store your headphones in a safe location: Even if they are not being used, it is a great habit to make sure that your headphones are safe and water-free. Do not just toss them in your backpack and hope no harm comes to them.
  • Protect your headphones: When it comes to buying protection for your headphones, a great place to check is Amazon as they will have a selection of headphone covers and cases to choose from and in different styles.
  • Use a cleaning kit: You can also find a variety of cleaning kits for headphones on Amazon. There are different cleaning kits for different styles of headphones, so there is plenty to choose from.

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