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Are There Different Sizes for AirPods?

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What good are earbuds if they can’t stay in your ear. People can have very different sizes of ears so it would make sense to have different sizes of earbuds to be compatible with all customers. 

Are there sizes for AirPods? No, AirPods come in only one size. Apple tried to make this product size fit everybody as best as possible but keep only one size.

Luckily some techniques have come out that help prevents the issues that arise when AirPods are too big or too small. Continue reading to find out how to keep your AirPods nestled properly in your ear.

One Size Fits All

AirPods may only come in one size, but Apple did try to create a product that would accommodate the size and shape of most people’s ears. 

Of course, there are people with much larger or smaller ears. This is a big problem for many people, it can be very irritating to be walking or working out, and your AirPods keep falling out of your ear because they don’t fit correctly.

The main issue people have is when their AirPods are too small for their ear. When your AirPods are too big, it is a much bigger problem than when they are too small. It is simply much more difficult to fix.

When your AirPods are too small, all you have to do is add some cushions or layers as well as different angles to get them to fit snugly in your ear and allow them to play audio while you’re moving around without falling out all the time. 

How Do You Keep the AirPods from Falling Out?

AirPods and earbuds, in general, have always had a history of falling out very easily; however, with earbuds, there was always detachable pieces to adjust ear fittings. 

But with AirPods, there are old classic techniques available as well as new products hitting the market that keep your AirPods comfortably in your ears. 

Twist Your Airpods

This is a classic fix for earbuds falling out, and it has been around for a long time. Luckily this technique works just as well for AirPods than it does for traditional earbuds. 

Most people put their AirPods into their ear with the stem (backside) pointed towards the ground. This does not help because it keeps them loose, and it makes it much more likely that they’ll slip out at some point. 

The key is to twist your AirPods up about 30 degrees so that the stem of the AirPods is pointed out more horizontally causing it to stick in place better. 

This method may not solve everyone’s AirPod problems, but it has solved a lot and is easy enough to be worth a chance. 

Use Waterproof Tape 

This is a more advanced DIY method to keep your AirPods inside your ears that even allows them to be charged while fitted. Here is how you do it:

  • First, buy waterproof tape. It’s recommended to use something durable and sticky such as Nexcare 3M brand.
  • Use a hole punch to cut out circular slices of tape. Put the tape near the top and bottom of the Airpod to raise the surfaces. 
  • Put the AirPods in your ear and do some testing to see if they remain in your ear. 

Airpod Covers from Damon Light

AirPods not having different sizes is a well-known problem in the technical world, so some companies started to develop products to solve this issue. 

DamonLight is just one cover company that is taking advantage of Apple’s blunder. These designs can sometimes be tricky to attach and will need to be stretched, but once they’re on, you can leave them on. 

The covers tend to be pretty thin, but the silicone surface does a great job at keeping the pods in your ears. 

However, as with many covers, you will need to remove them to fit the AirPods back into the charging case. 

Airpod Covers from EarSkinz

These covers from EarSkinz have the same concept of raising the surfaces of the AirPods to fit into your ear but, EarSkinz has a thicker and bulkier cover than those at Damonlight. 

The thickness doesn’t negate the comfort, however, and they still won’t come loose in your ear.

Acous Earbud Covers

These covers not only help stick your AirPods into your ears, but they even improve sound quality and reduce outside noise. 

They come in many different colors, and the cover sticks out a fair distance to be easily inserted deep into your ear, providing a comfortable fit.

The installation is very easy, and it comes with sweat and water-resistance as well as droplet protection. 

Silicone Ear Hook Covers

Hook covers like those from AhaStyle can be used with Apple AirPods and Earpods. The cover goes on the pods just like normal, but the hooks are there as well to attach to the ear and keep the buds in place. 

Some covers like AhaStyle aren’t that hard to put on or take off but will still need to be removed to put into the charging case. 

AirPod Grips

Similarly to the hooks, this AirPod product incorporates a large plastic hook that will cling to your entire ear. This means that the design is bulkier and larger than usual covers and cases, but they are very easy to put on and set up. 

To attach the AirPod Grips simply:

  • Slide the stem of the pods into the hollow stem of the AirPod grips. 
  • Wrap the hook around your ear, and you’re set.
  • This will keep the AirPods secure and fit comfortably inside your ear.

AirPod Straps

A product that was developed for those that don’t like hooking things around their ear and would rather drape a cord around the back of their neck.

Airpod straps have a magnetic strap that attaches to the stem of the AirPods. With the attachment equipped the AirPods will be connected to each other through a cord held tight by a magnetic strap.

The advantages to this product are that it is very easy to set up and can look pretty sleek if you find a way to conceal the cord as opposed to big hooks clinging to your ear. 

Air Rings

Another take on the hooks is the AirPod rings. These rings look more concealed when attached. They clasp onto the center of the AirPods stem and loop around onto your ear. 

Why Does AirPods Not Have Different Sizes?  

Having two or more sizes of earbuds will inevitably lead to people buying the wrong size because they will misjudge the size of their ear. 

When this happens, they will be left with mountains of returns, and not many people want to use AirPods that have been on other people’s ears. Having 3 sizes would make this problem even worse than it was before. 

Usually, when there are attachable buds that go onto the earpiece, the package will come with 1-3 extra pairs to help fit different ears. 

However, AirPods don’t have these “buds” so they are left with making a one size fits all option to keep return rates low and try to fit as many ears as they can.

Will Apple Add Sizes in the Future?

There are rumors that Apple will make various sizes for AirPods, and there will be different extensions that you can adjust to fit your preferred size. 

However, with the upcoming release of AirPods 2, you can see that there are no sizing changes the updates are all done within improving sound quality and efficiency. 

With these two releases, it seems that Apple most likely won’t release additional size choices, especially after workarounds and new products have come about. 

Experiment with These Products and Techniques 

If the fit of your AirPods is a problem for you, we highly recommend you try out these fixes or products to keep your AirPods within your ears and fit nice and tight. 

With so many products hitting the market to alleviate the sizing problems caused by AirPods it can feel overwhelming to pick from so many. 

Keep in mind that many brands are fairly similar, while other designs are extremely different. You may just need to experiment with a couple of different versions to see what you like best. 

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