What Gaming Headset Does Shroud Use?

Various types of gaming headsets have come into existence over the years. In order to know their features and functionalities, higher personalities are expected to make use of them. This is probably the best way to know whether a gaming headset can meet the needs of end-users or not. This post is about Shroud’s gaming headset. 

Are you looking for a sophisticated gaming headset to purchase? Do you know that the one currently being used by Shroud can meet your needs without any compromise? You have come to the right place whereby such gaming headsets will be revealed. Just ensure to read the details below from start to finish. 

Who is Shroud?

Before going into the details of this post, it is important to explain who Shroud actually is. He is a Canadian-born streamer who is notable for his incredible skills in live game streaming. Some of the games he has played are Minecraft, Apex Legends, Blackout, Counter-Offensive: global offensive, World of Warcraft Classic and Playerunknown’s battlegrounds. 

Shroud streamed games online using Twitch platform where he has succeeded in streaming for over 6,000 hours and acquired over 300 million views. This would continue until the month of October where he stopped streaming on Twitch. With a YouTube channel that has over 5 million subscribers, there is no doubt that Shroud is an authority when it comes to live-streaming of video games. 

What gaming headset does Shroud use? 

At the moment, Shroud is using a HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless. This is what he uses while doing live streaming on Twitch. Its Battery can be used for over 28 hours once fully charged. Also, it comes with wireless audio with a 2.4 GHz connection.

More details about HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless headset which is used by Shroud has been designed to offer end-users something entirely unique. This is perhaps why many people consider it to be a complete definition of modern technology. It comes with lots of stunning features that enable you to get the ultimate streaming and gaming experience. Do you know that cable connections have their limitations? If you want to roam free then HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless ticks all the boxes. 

The wireless connection that it offers is very solid. Also, you will be very comfortable making use of it. This is because it has been designed to ensure around 900 rotation while resting on your neck. It doesn’t really matter if you plan to use it alongside your PS4, PS4 Pro or PC as it will be very compatible. Provided the wired audio connection supported by your device is around 3.5-millimeter, it will definitely work fine. 

There is absolutely no doubt that HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless is a high-performance headset that has been designed to make a difference in the lives of everyone. If you really want to get the ultimate experience while streaming or playing games, trying out this option won’t be a bad idea. 


HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless is very unique amongst others given its impressive features. Some of these will be highlighted below: 

HyperX Cloud Flight WirelessSpecifications
Headphone Driver– 50mm using neodymium magnets, dynamic
Type – Closed back, Circumaural, 
Frequency Response– 15Hz-23,000Hz
Impedance– 32 ohms
Pressure level for sound-106 dBSPL/mW @ 1kHz
THD – <2%
Weight– 300g
Weight with mic– 315g
Cable – Detachable 3.5 mm headphone cable + USB charge cable
Microphone Element – Electret condenser microphone
Polar pattern– Noise-cancelling
Frequency response– 100Hz-7,000Hz
Sensitivity: Pa,1kHz/0dB=1V (-45dBV)
Battery life30 hours– LED off
18 hours– Breathing LED
13 hours– Solid LED
These have all been tested at a headphone volume of 50%
Wireless Range 2.4GHzUp to about 20 meters. Please note that due to environmental conditions, there could be some variations in wireless range

More description about the headsets 

A great gaming headset is known for its impressive features and HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless headset is no exception. For instance, it is available in various forms for users. The producers have ensured that it is available to everyone who desires a high-performance gaming headset. These are reflected in some of its features below:


This HyperX Cloud Flight headset is the highest amongst all with some of the most amazing features you will find in a modern headset. It is what Shroud was using before becoming inactive on Twitch. Its battery can last up to 30 hours thereby ensuring you don’t miss out on any action. There is also its wireless connection which ensures you don’t have to bother about using cables before streaming your favorite games online. With a rare frequency response of 15-23,000Hz, there is no doubt that Cloud flight is steps ahead of other headsets in the market. 

High performance

HyperX Cloud Flight has been manufactured to meet the needs of users without any compromise. For instance, its directional drivers are around 50mm thereby ensuring audio precision. 

There is also the signature Memory foam and highly adjustable steel slider to ensure you are very comfortable while using it. This is to ensure that it lasts as long as possible for users. Most importantly, it can be used with various devices. 


When HyperX Cloud Flight first got released, there were doubts about whether it could meet the needs of streamers online. The reviews that it has gotten since then definitely shows that it is simply one of the best wireless headsets in terms of features. Its connection type is really impressive (20m). The best part is that you won’t need to be looking for how to navigate through system menus for volume to be adjusted. This sophisticated wireless headset makes such possible. It means that for the first, you will enjoy sounds in a seamless way. 

High level of flexibility

HyperX Cloud Flight has been designed to offer users something different from the above gaming wireless headsets. This is shown in its features. For instance, its battery life can last up to 30 hours of usage after fully charged. There is a built-in mic as well as a detachable boom. There is no doubt that HyperX Cloud Flight has been designed to offer users like you a combination of durability and comfort. 

It functions like Bluetooth and a wired headset. This makes it perfect for usage under various scenarios. Apart from gaming, this headset is great for other activities such as traveling, video calls, phone calls, listening to podcasts, music and more. What it brings to the table with regards to functionalities is almost limitless.

Pros & cons of HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

Every great product has got its strengths and weaknesses. HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless isn’t an exception to this as it has pros and cons some of which will be highlighted below:


Excellent sound 

This is probably one of the reasons why HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless has managed to stand out amongst other headsets in the market. It doesn’t really matter whether you must have decided to use it in playing games or listen to music as the sound it produces is very impressive. 

Impressive wireless range 

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless is known for its unusual long wireless range. This is around 2.4GHz.  


It has been manufactured with a solid steel band as well as materials of very high quality. These will ensure that it withstands harsh conditions thereby providing you with good value for money.

Easy to use 

Using HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless is super easy as it has been manufactured for all. For instance, no special skill or knowledge is required before it can be set up for usage. 


Some of the areas where HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless have proven to fall short are:

Its price 

It tends to be a little bit expensive given its price. The features that have been integrated into it makes it worth every penny though. 

The HyperX brand 

The brand which is responsible for the production of the HyperX cloud flight wireless headset is Kingston technology. This is an American IT company that has managed to build a reputation for producing computer-related products over the years since coming into existence in 1987. Some of what it produces are mouse pads, keyboards, solid-state drives and HyperX wireless headsets. These are premium products that have earned lots of positive reviews in the market in recent times. 

Other popular headphones 

Below is a list of other popular headsets that YouTubers are currently using due to their great features.  

VersionTECH. G2000 Stereo 

VersionTECH. G2000 Stereo Headset is perfect for any type of gaming. Its features are great. For instance, a voice can be picked in 3600. There is also an external audio control feature. You will be very impressed with its sound quality.


BENGOO G9000 is a premium headphone you can use today for exploring YouTube to its fullest. It has a noise-cancelling feature to help filter sounds. It also supports different types of devices like mobile phones, IPads, tablets, PSP, laptop, Nintendo 3DS, PC and more.

Final thoughts

Based on the above, it is obvious that HyperX cloud flight is the perfect wireless headset for game streaming and other activities. This is due to its top features which ensure you are getting the best sound in a seamless way. Take advantage of its features today.

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