Are Bluetooth Headsets Good for Gaming?

A true gamer knows one of the best parts of a competitive multiplayer video game, whether via device or PC, is the energy that comes from live communication with your teammates. There’s just something about being able to strategize, coordinate, and attack your common enemies together that you won’t find in any chat function. 

More games than ever are beginning to include voice chat communication options, including classics like Overwatch, Fortnite, and even the newly popular PC version of Among Us. Voice chat can take your gaming to the next level, but Bluetooth headsets offer a number of other benefits for your gaming set-up beyond just allowing more communication. From noise cancellation to streamlined game reactions, a Bluetooth headset will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Bluetooth headsets provide a range of benefits to gamers, including a cord-free connection between device and headset, improved voice chat during games, superior game sound quality, and noise reduction. Whether you’re a serious gamer, constant traveler, or late night Xbox addict who just so happens to have roommates, a Bluetooth headset works to deliver the best possible gaming experience without requiring clunky equipment or a hefty investment.

What Exactly Does a Bluetooth Headset Do for Gamers?

Bluetooth headsets provide a lot of useful perks for players, including:

  • Voice Chat Functionality (Away from the computer)

My favorite feature of using a Bluetooth headset for gaming is the ability to communicate to my friends away from my computer. Whenever downtime occurs I can roam around the appartment while still talking to my team players.

  • Easy to connect to mobile phones

Bluetooth headphones are the new standard for mobile phones. More and more producers are removing the 3.5mm standard jack input, so Bluetooth is now an essential part.

Standard wired gaming headsets are using USB for connectivity, and it is a hassle to get it connected to your mobile phone.

With Bluetooth headset, connecting to mobile is a breeze and you can start enjoying your favorite games on your phone without delay.

  • Noise Cancellation

Video games are enthralling experiences that often require total attention and concentration from players in order to succeed. When you’re sneaking through a graveyard or trying to navigate a booby-trapped field, the last thing you want is your family’s loud conversation downstairs interrupting your focus and disturbing your game. 

Many Bluetooth headsets come with noise cancellation features, whether through tiny microphones embedded in your earphones that detect and counter loud external noise or through tight sealing headphones that block out extraneous distractions. By putting on a headset, you can cancel out distractions and focus on your game with ease.

  • Convenient Use

Cordless, hands-free headphones are incredibly easy to use and multitask with. The lack of a connecting cord means you won’t get tangled up in your headphones or controller cords trying to play your game, and it also means you can sit further away from your device without being literally tied down by your headset. 

Bluetooth headsets can also be useful if you need to step away from your game for a second but don’t want to fully disengage. You can run to the bathroom, make yourself a snack, or run outside for a moment without needing to unplug or disconnect.

They can also be valuable tools to use outside gaming, such as over a digital meeting, long phone call, or another type of video call or conference. In an increasingly digital world, having a convenient wireless headset available is a big advantage.

  • Superior Sound Quality

With a good gaming headset, you can play on virtually any device and experience the same high quality of sound design. No matter if your computer speakers are tinny or if your television is broken, your headset provides clear, clean surround sound that plays without disturbance or distortion.

Your headset can also provide ideal microphone feedback for those using voice chats. A Bluetooth headset with a built-in microphone will have clear feedback and sound transmission that will make your quality and diction impeccable, making it even easier to communicate with fellow teammates.

What are the Drawbacks of a Bluetooth gaming headset?

Though gaming headsets are largely beneficial for all kinds of gamers, there are a few distinct disadvantages to using one, including:

  • Pricy Initial Investment

Though many gaming headsets last a long time, their initial price can be pretty steep. Average quality headsets will typically cost between $50-100 USD per pair, with more fully equipped versions running into the $200s. Wired headsets, the major alternative to Bluetooth versions, are drastically cheaper.

Despite all the advantages a Bluetooth headset can provide, its initial price point is hefty. If you want to invest in a good quality gaming headset that will last you a while, you should look at Bluetooth options, but be prepared for the possibility of coughing up some substantial cash at first.

  •   Lagging and Latency (With Cheaper Models)

Certain brands of headsets are notorious for latency and lag issues that ruin the gaming experience. Because of the wireless connection, if your headset doesn’t come with a strong transmitter you’re bound to experience slower response times and network transmissions as a result.

Lagging and latency can best be reduced by avoiding cheaper or slower headset brands and investing in higher quality headsets with higher-power transmitters. Keeping your latency low will reduce wait and lag time, making your communication instantaneous and improving your gaming experience.

  • Charging Needs

Another drawback to the wireless model is that they require charging or battery replacements in order to function properly. With a wired model, you can simply plug in your headset and go, whereas wireless headsets will need power from a source at some point, so you’ll have to be strategic about how you use your headset.

The higher-quality your headset model is, the less time your model will likely need to charge, so you can certainly find a headset to accommodate your charging timeline.

  • Limited Compatibility

Bluetooth headsets are compatible with many devices, including almost all PCs, but there are certain devices they just don’t play nice with. Xbox Ones are notorious for having issues with connecting to certain headset models, so depending on the console or PC you’re using you may need to keep connectivity in mind.

In general, Bluetooth headsets are compatible with Playstations, Xbox 360s, and Nintendo Switches. If you have questions about the specific connectivity of your chosen model you should ask the manufacturers for clarity.

Which Headset Should I Choose?

If you’re ready to make the investment into a Bluetooth headset, there are many good options available for you. A lot will depend on user preference, including budget, size preference, and connectivity, and console compatibility, but I’ve linked my two favorite headset options below to help guide you on your gaming headset journey.

Best of the Best – Logitech G935

Logitech G935
Logitech G935

These top-notch headphones offer a high-quality gaming experience at a fair price for their wide range of functionality. They’re comfortable, long-lasting (up to twelve hours of continuous use before needing a charge), and provide superior audio quality for gaming, music or video watching, and communicating

They also offer built-in noise cancellation modes, so you can choose whether you’d like to reduce your external environment or allow that sound in. You can program custom audio settings and the included mic is high quality and high performing.

Check out this video for a more intensive review and comparison to other top gaming headsets! 

  1. Budget Buy – JLab Play

For an affordable but high-performing headset, look no further than the JLab Play gaming headset. This wireless gaming headset offers up to 22 hours of playtime before needing to plug in to your console. The retractable boom mic makes communicating a piece of cake with teammates, and the low latency means you’ll experience minimal lag. 

This headset’s audio quality is pretty great for the price. The comfortably fitting earphones offer good, though not perfect sound reduction as well, meaning you’ll be able to play relatively undisturbed throughout your game. 


Gaming headsets offer an elevated experience that provides greater detail and improved communication with players and console/PCs alike. Eliminate sound delay and environmental distractions through quality noise cancellation, and improve your team’s performance through live communication and strategy using voice chat. Free up your hands and movement space through a cordless headset, making gaming even more flexible and enjoyable.

Whether you’re ready for the ultimate investment or starting slow, adding a wireless Bluetooth gaming headset into your video game set up will transform your gaming experience one day at a time. No matter what brand or model of headset you choose, you’re sure to begin experiencing the benefits of a wireless headset on your game right away.

Difference between Bluetooth versio...
Difference between Bluetooth versions

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