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Can You Use Bluetooth Speakers With Your Roku TV?

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A friend complained that he was unable to connect Bluetooth speakers with his Roku TV. He wanted to enjoy the midnight game, without waking his wife and kids. While putting on his Bluetooth headphones he realized that they do not support Bluetooth Speakers. Moreover, the TV speakers are just average, and almost any external Bluetooth speaker performs better.

The only devices that are supported on Roku are the Roku Streambar, Roku Smart Soundbar, and Roku TV Wireless Speaker. You cannot pair other Bluetooth devices to your Roku TV. However, you can use the mobile app to act as the connector between the speaker and the TV.

It can be said that this is an attempt by the company to sell Roku branded speakers. But as far as they are concerned, Roku is simply protecting their intellectual property. Whatever the reason, this cannot be avoided and in this article, you will learn how to resolve the issue.

What is Private Listening on Roku?

Private listening is a feature exclusively for the Roku app. It lets you listen to the Roku TV via headphones that are already connected to your tablet/smartphone.

How to set up private listening on your device?

You will have to download the app and connect it with both the TV and the headphones. The following steps will walk you through the entire process:

1. Download the Roku mobile app from the play store and log into your account.

2. Tap on the menu located at the lower right corner of the screen.

3. Tap the name of the device you are currently connected to under the device section. 

4. From the given list, select the device you want to control with the app and use the private listening feature. 

5. Tap control at the center bottom part of the screen.

6. A remote-like interface will appear. Tap on the headphones icon at the lower right part of the screen. 

7. You should already connect the headphone or the wireless Bluetooth speaker to your mobile/tablet. Also, make sure the tablet/mobile is on the same wireless network (wi-fi) as your Roku TV.

8. Once you tap the icon, the private listening feature will be activated. An icon will appear on the TV screen indicating the same. 

You should now be able to hear the audio coming out of the paired speakers. This may seem a roundabout but is the only method available that lets you listen to audio on a Bluetooth speaker. 

Does private listening support multiple devices at once?

Yes, Roku does support multiple devices in private listening. As of writing this article, a maximum of four people can listen to the same Roku device at once. However, they have to meet a specific set of requirements. For instance,

1. You can only use a mobile. Tablets do not support this feature. 

2. Also, the Roku TVs with OS version 8.1 and above only support this feature. To check the OS version, simply go to Settings>System>About. The Roku TV checks for updates every twenty-four to thirty-six hours. 

3. Every individual must have the Roku app downloaded on their phone. 

4. Lastly, every person listening must be connected to the same wireless (wi-fi) network. So, the feature is not supported if all four individuals are scattered around. 

It’s a nice feature if you have a family of four. Any more and you could end up at each other’s throats over taking turns to listen to the music on their brand new Polk Audio Signa S2, a great speaker at the price range. One of my friends listens in shifts. He usually listens at night, while his younger brother has the entire evening. It’s not too inconvenient, but it can be a tad bit annoying. 

How to connect your Bluetooth speaker to the Roku app?

To connect the Bluetooth speaker you will first have to download the app and pair it with the speaker from the app itself. Follow these steps to pair your speaker to Roku:

1. Go to settings and tap on Bluetooth on your device. 

2. Power on your Bluetooth speakers and pair them with the device. 

3. Go to the app, tap on remote, and toggle on the headphone icon from the remote interface. 

4. You do not have to do anything else. Once you activate private listening, the music will play directly from the headphones. 

However, if you are using one of Roku’s selected speakers, you can pair it directly with the TV, no mobile phone is required. It’s way more convenient, but you do have to cough up extra cash for those devices and the good ones are not exactly cheap.

Connecting compatible Bluetooth devices to the Roku TV

1. Make sure both the compatible Bluetooth speaker and the TV are on the same network. 

2. Press the home button on the Roku TV remote and navigate to Settings>Remotes and devices. 

3. Select a pair of Bluetooth devices. You will have to move over to your phone for the rest of the setup process.

4. Enable the Bluetooth on your device and set it to discoverable.

5. Wait till the Roku TV appears on the list of Bluetooth. 

6. Tap on it to connect all the devices. 

7. Once done, a connected message will appear on the screen. 

8. Now anything you play on-screen will give audio output from the speakers. You do not need to use the app anymore. The speaker is permanently connected to your Roku TV.


Do all Roku TVs support Bluetooth?

No, all Roku TVs do not have Bluetooth. For instance, the TCL 6-Series and Hisense R8F Series do not have Bluetooth functionality. However, you can use the private listening feature to hear audio on any wireless Bluetooth, from your phone. 

So even if your TV does not support Bluetooth, you can pair the speaker with your phone and exclusive Roku music/media in an alternate manner. 

How to activate Bluetooth on your Roku TV?

To enable Bluetooth, you will have to go into setting and follow these steps:

1. Press home on your remote. 

2. Go to settings>remotes & devices> select Bluetooth device. 

3. Once activated, the device will automatically search for available devices in the vicinity.

4. The final setup process has to be completed from the smartphone. 

Can I connect Bluetooth headphones to my Roku TV?

No, you cannot directly connect Bluetooth headphones to your Roku TV. Until Roku launches compatible headsets, you will have to use the Private listening feature to listen to music. One advantage is that you don’t need to have a Bluetooth feature on your TV for this feature.


Bluetooth is a greatly coveted feature in any device and Roku is only trying to make the most of it. Hopefully, this guide helps you resolve any questions you have regarding the pairing process. Feel free to leave your question in the comments below. Until next time!

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