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Here is Why Your Beats Headphones Keep Disconnecting – (Solved)

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It is not uncommon for users to experience frequent disconnects while listening to their headphones. There are several reasons; starting with a faulty connection to a low battery. Beats is a well-known and popular brand, and most people expect flawless service. However, fret not because I have a few tricks that will help you take care of such issues in a matter of minutes.

The main reason why Beats headphones keep disconnecting can be because of distance, signal interference, low battery, pairing issues, and sometimes being connected to another device. Most problems can be resolved with a simple restart. In other cases, you will have to get a bit technical.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to prevent your Beats headphones from disconnecting.

What to do when there is no audio in Beats headphones?

The best solution is to switch off the Bluetooth on your phone and turn it back on. If that fails, then unpair the Beats headphones and connect it back again. 

I have had several encounters where my Beats Bluetooth headphone was not connecting to my phone. Most of the time, I discovered that the headset was connected to another device which stopped it from pairing to mine. However, even after connecting them to my phone, there was no audio. Reconnecting the headphone usually works but this was not the case. Here is the solution.


1. Check if the headphone is connected to another device. 

2. If not, then restart your Bluetooth connection and try connecting it once again. 

3. If the headphones are not working even after the restart, then unpair them from your phone. 

4. Go to Bluetooth settings, and tap on the list of paired devices.

5. Tap on the gear icon beside the name and select forget.

6. Switch off your Beats headphones and turn them back on. They should be now in pairing mode.

7. Return to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and tap on pair new device

8. You should now be able to enjoy uninterrupted music on your Beats headphones without issues.

As Bluetooth headphones get older, they begin exhibiting problems such as frequent disconnects. This is the most common solution that works almost every time. But do not fret if the trick fails because we have more in store.

Insufficient battery

Beats Bluetooth headphones are powered by batteries. With time batteries lose the capacity to retain charge, and sooner or later, they go completely dead. During this time, you could experience various problems such as Bluetooth disconnects, voice stuttering, and many other issues.

Not all Bluetooth headphone batteries are replaceable, and even if they are, it’s not something you do yourself. You will need a plethora of tools and, most of all, experience with electrical equipment. Moreover, the solution does not work with Bluetooth earbuds which have freakishly small batteries that even experts struggle to replace.


There are two ways to resolve this issue. You can either practice a healthy charging cycle, exerting the least pressure on your battery. Or you can try getting them replaced. 

To maintain a healthy charge cycle, never charge the battery to capacity (100%). Keep it close to 90%, and do not let it fall below 30-40% to maximize its lifespan. Lithium-polymer batteries have a definite number of charge cycles (~500). Overcharging or even discharging it completely consumes a charge cycle which reduces its battery life.

The alternative is to have the battery replaced, which can be a difficult procedure.

Does range influence Beats headphones to disconnect?

Yes, the range does affect all Bluetooth devices. The connection gets weaker the farther you are from your phone/computer until it’s completely disconnected. 

Bluetooth 5.2 offers a significant upgrade over its predecessors, boosting the range to 800ft. However, signal decay still happens, especially if there are multiple wireless connections in the vicinity. Moreover, the further you get away, the more charge is consumed, which also drains the battery at a much faster rate. 

Frequent disconnects due to range are mostly seen in budget headphones, but even the premium ones are not exempt. There is no way to determine which ones will perform better without trying them out personally.


The best way to resolve the issue is to keep the smartphone/PC close to you while using the Bluetooth feature. 

What do PowerBeats Pro LED indicator lights mean?

The PowerBeats Pro LED indicators flash in different patterns, each of which conveys a different message. It could flash white, red, and both red & white combined.

Keep an eye out for the LED color if the headphones get automatically disconnected so that you may know the reason why it’s happening. 

White light indicated the headphones are in pairing mode. Use your smartphone/laptop/PC to connect with the gadget.

Red light means the case battery has fallen below 40%. A quick charge session will most certainly resolve the issue. If it does not, you might have to reset the Bluetooth headphone. 

Both red and white light signifies that the case is not getting charged. Check both pods as well as the charging port of the case. A case that is not properly charged will disconnect abruptly. 


Use a clean cotton swab drenched with isopropyl alcohol to clean the device. Here are a few other things to do in such a case:

1. Ensure the case and pods are completely dry before inserting them back in, especially if you go out for morning walks. 

2. Check if the earbuds are properly in the case or not. Sometimes accumulated dust can stop the buds from getting charged. Use a cotton swab to clean the entire insides.

3. Use a different wall outlet, another power source (power bank), or another charging cable. If the device’s charges are switching the outlet, then there is something wrong with that socket. Avoid charging any electronic devices in that location as faulty wiring can damage them. 

Finally, if using a different charger does the trick, your stock charger has expired, and it’s time to get a new one.

Why does my Beats wired headphones keep disconnecting?

It’s probably because the wired connections have become loose and are causing connectivity issues.

Wired headsets, after prolonged usage, usually become loose at the joints where the wires meet the headset. The flexible connection causes connectivity problems that lead to static while listening to music and outright disconnects in worse cases.

I used to own a Beats EP, which is one of the most significant budget headphones ever made. I used it during all sorts of situations like exercising, commuting to work, and even gave it to my younger cousins a few times, who are not the most careful people in the world. 

Beats EP
Beats EP


The headphone served me well for 2-3 years, after which the connectivity issues started to show up. I could have replaced the wires but decided to get a new one anyway. So if you want to ensure your headphones last at least a couple of years, take good care of them and do not put excessive pressure on the base of the wire connections.


These are some of the most common reasons why Beat headphones disconnect. Other causes include issues with a specific application, backdated firmware, inability to get into the pairing mode, and in some cases, compatibility issues. Hopefully, this article has managed to address all your queries. Feel free to mention in the comments below if we missed anything. Until next time.

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