4 Best Gaming Headsets For Big Ears

Finding a headset that perfectly matches your ears can be difficult. The headsets that don’t fit your big ears usually squish your ears down. Even some comfortable headsets do not work for you because they get too hot and tight, and slide around your ears, which makes it difficult to hear anything clearly. For intense gaming situations, such headsets affect your performance and make you frustrated. 

So, do you wonder what you can do in such situations? Are there headsets for gamers with big ears or do they have to rely on the tight headsets for gaming? 

For your comfort, there are some best gaming headsets for big ears that cover your whole ear. These headsets are ideal for those who tend to have relatively large ears. 

What to consider for buying gaming headsets for big ears

Uncomfortable headphones do not only make you frustrated, as it makes your gaming partners annoyed whether you’re a hardcore PC or console player. When constantly adjusting your uncomfortable headsets, the sounds of gunshots and other noises will leak to your mic and generate an unwanting echo.

A comfortable headset is ideal for you

Considering a comfortable headset that can give you a great gaming experience matters the most. Make sure that the headset fits your big ears because a bad fit can be painful and creates distractions for you while you’re playing. Obviously, you want to play for a long period of time with your gaming headset, a comfortable one that fits your big ears can only work for you. Other than that, you will get frustrated with trapped heat, friction, and sweat that build over time due to uncomfortable headsets of poor quality. Even after an hour, a minor discomfort can make you feel a great distraction. 

Excellent Isolation

Isolation greatly affects the quality of sound. The headphone’s seal refers to its isolation that changes the patterns of what you hear. For gaming purposes, isolation is of great importance for slight directional audio cues. 

The quality of the seal depends on the size and material of the headset. Consider the isolation factors while buying headsets for your big ears. In case the foam of headset pad doesn’t create an effective seal, keep in mind that getting molded to the shape of your head and ears require some time. Be very careful while looking at the pad of the headset, if it doesn’t suit and fit your big ears, make sure to buy some other bigger headsets. You can even replace the pad with a larger circumference. 

Build Quality

As discussed earlier, the material of the headset matters the most and can affect the quality of isolation. Getting a pair of strong headsets is important. However, headsets are usually made up of plastic, often cheap plastic. Finding a headset with a metal or wireframe is ideal for you. Bearing your ear size and head shape in mind, make sure to consider the movement of the plastic headset. 

Some of the plastic headsets made up of poor build material are not reliable because they can easily deform upon even a little bit of stress or pressure. Its movement sounds feel awful to the ears, which makes it crack loudly. 

Mic considerations

While buying a gaming headset, people often overlook the mic but it is equally important as other discussed factors above. Gaming headsets often struggle in terms of mic bass range because of the frequency spectrum, these headsets can make dialogues in games drown with other sounds.

Whether it’s 3.5mm or USB, such headsets struggle to get enough power from the connection which affects the voice sound deep. However, you can even resolve such mic issues if you’re speaking over Discord or console voice chat. Make sure to check the mic carefully in terms of its sound and quality. 

Prefer Wireless

Wired headsets can make you frustrated as these are somehow inconvenient. The wireless headset makes your life convenient and your gaming experience hassle-free of annoying wires. For your gaming headset, choose wireless that perfectly matches your big ears and keeps your entire focus on the game.

Comparison of 4 best gaming headsets

Corsair HS60 ProHyperX Cloud IILogitech G933Steel Series Arctis 7
Dimension6.30 x 3.94 x 8.07 inches6.69 x 4.72 x 2.76 inches6.77 x 3.21 x 7.16 inches7.76 x 6.89 x 3.58 inches
Connection TypeWired connectionWired connectionWireless connectionWireless connection
Sound FeaturesNoise cancellation and unidirectional microphone systemPassive noise cancellationSuperior sound performance with 7.1 Dolby and DTSDTS headphone: X v2.0 surround
Special FeaturesCorsair’s iCue softwareTeamSpeak and Discord certified3 programmable G-keys360 degree of precision with DTS headphone
Frequency Response20 Hz- 20 kHz15 Hz- 25kHz20 Hz – 20 kHz20 Hz- 20 kHz
MaterialsAdjustable ear cups with plush memory foamAluminum metal frame and padded ear cupsSoft material for ear cupsSturdy aluminum and adjustable frame
PriceCheck Latest Price on AmazonCheck Latest Price on AmazonCheck Latest Price on AmazonCheck Latest Price on Amazon

#1 Corsair HS60 Pro

Corsair HS60 Pro

Product Description

It is one of the reliable headsets for gaming that comes in the well-crafted design and exceptional features. Its design is simply built for improved efficiency. It has an elegant look and excellent sound quality of above average for gaming. It has a slightly different surround sound effect as compared to other models. 

It can completely fit your big ears and provides you comfort for intense gaming. Corsair Hs60 has large ear cups made up of soft material. Moreover, it provides great battery life which makes you able to play consistently without any disruptions. 

When it comes to noise cancellation, it provides this feature just like any other top gaming headset. The best thing about Corsair Hs60 is multiplatform compatibility such as mobile devices, gaming consoles, PCs, and TV.

Lightweight Design

It has a sturdily built structure including metal frame and relatively big leatherette ear pads. Its design makes it lightweight which is comfortable for you to put on for long. The hinges of headphones allow a significant amount of tilt and it gets adjusted on most head shapes comfortably. For your comfort, the headband is made up of leather cushion that adds soft touch overall. 

Corsair’s iCue Software

It provides quite a good and painless gaming experience and one of the perfect choices for your big ears. It is simple to use, just plug the wire in and it works. However, it enables you to use the surround sound features using Corsair’s iCue software. This software is quick enough to add more functions in terms of sound.

Best For:

  • It has adjustable ear cups with plush memory foam that provides you quite good comfort for intense gameplay. 
  • This headset removes ambient noises with the help of a fully-detachable noise-canceling microphone to ensure high-quality sound and clarity. 
  • It offers multiplatform compatibility such as PCs, mobile devices, Xbox One, consoles, and PS4 using a 3.5 mm connector. 


  • Sturdy Build
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality sound and clarity


  • The software adds just little functionality

#2 HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II

Product Description

If you’ve big ears and familiar with gaming headsets, you will be amazed to know about the most recognizable headset, HyperX Cloud II. By providing one of the most enjoyable acoustic setups, it can fit your big ears at the same time.  


Its design is absolutely as stylish as the previous model and it adds virtual 7.1 sounds to provide you exceptional audio experience. It has a class of its own being a quite good sounding headset. This product makes your gaming experience excellent and it is upgraded on the previous variants.

The best thing about the product is a detachable mic which you can use for voice purposes in video games. You can even detach it when you don’t need it anymore. 

It is a wired headset that can be disappointing for gamers. It doesn’t come up with wireless support and the cord cannot be detached. The battery provides exceptional working and can be fully recharged within 3 hours. 

Multiplatform Compatibility

It supports 3.5mm output and can be used with any device with 3.5mm output such as PlayStation’s controller and Xbox One’s adapter. For PC use, you’re provided with a USB sound card adapter. You can easily handle audio processing using this headset without relying on your on-board audio. 

Best For:

  • Designed for comfort: It is mainly designed for your comfort with comfortable ear cushions and headband that keep you focused on gaming. 
  • Passive noise cancellation: The headset is designed in a way to reduce any distractions with closed ear-cup design. 
  • Excellent audio quality: It features 53 mm drivers that provide high-quality audio. Providing such high-quality gives you an advantage in the game on your opponents. 


  • 53 mm drivers provide supreme audio quality
  • Solid build quality
  • Comfortable fit


  • Lacks wireless variant

#3 Logitech G933 Artemis Wireless

Logitech G933 Artemis Wireless

Product Description

It is another option of a gaming headset that you can add to your list for your big ears. It sets it apart with the range of controls and custom adjustments. It is one of the reliable headsets for your intense gaming experience. It comes up with soft and deep ear cups to perfectly match your big ears.

Undoubtedly, it delivers fantastic sounds for your gaming experience. Besides, it fits well for music and provides a range of features. It connects to your favorite devices and comes up with three additional wires at the same time. It can easily connect with your mobile phones, consoles, and television. Among the three additional wires, a USB cable serves the purpose of charging and it enables the gamers to use it in a wired configuration. It has 3.5mm cable for consoles and mobile devices, and a 3.5mm audio wire for televisions, speakers, and other audio devices. 


When it comes to comfort, it has ear cups made up of soft fabric and adds value to your headset at the same time. This product is equally comfortable as its wired variant. It’s an additional benefit that it doesn’t need any cord. Overall, it provides comfort to your ears and head with its lighter weight and you can put it on for hours. It feels pleasant and makes the gamers impressed who need a comfortable headset for intense gameplay. 

Best for:

  • It is compatible with all your devices such as PC, Xbox One, mobile devices, and TV by providing three additional wires.
  • It provides superior sound performance with its advanced Pro-GTM audio drivers. It delivers exceptional audio quality with stereo, 7.1 Dolby, 7.1 DTS headset. 


  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • 2.4 GHz wireless or wired connection
  • Cloth earcups don’t cause sweating 
  • Fit for big ears and comfortable design


  • Bulky compared to similar gaming headsets

#4 Steel Series Arctis 7

Steel Series Arctis 7

Product Description

Due to the size, some gaming headsets feel uncomfortable for big ears. The product is versatile from its variants and previous models, and it is extremely appealing and functional. It has a retractable microphone and innovative controls. Its exceptional features and beautiful design makes it easy to use. 

It has a comparatively great wireless range and provides you flexibility for gaming options. It has a USB transmitter attached to the gadget, and it allows you to take advantage of a wide range of audio and chat options. It is ideal for PlayStation consoles and PCs. Being functional, versatile, and practical, it sets the standard as a wireless headset and can perfectly match your budget. 

Best For:

  • Being recognized as the best mic for gaming, it delivers high-quality audio and also helps in background noise cancellation. 
  • It can help you in continuous play by providing 24 hours of battery life for intense gameplay. 
  • It is compatible with PCs, Mac, mobile devices, and consoles. It has a headphone sensitivity of 98 dB.


  • Comfortable fit
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • 360 degree of precision audio and lossless wireless audio


  • Fine-tuning takes some time


Finding the best headset that fits your big ears is not a difficult task. But, make sure to consider important factors such as isolation, build quality, and mic to ensure buying a perfect headset for gaming.

These headsets support intense gameplay and can last longer. If you’re looking for a headset specifically for gaming, then compatibility with other devices should not be your concern. However, Logitech G933 provides multiplatform compatibility with additional three wires that connect you to other devices at the same time. Based on your gaming requirements, choose among the wired or wireless headset.  

Difference between Bluetooth versio...
Difference between Bluetooth versions

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