Sony WF-1000XM3 VS Jabra Elite 75t (Which is Best?)

Just about everyone and their cousin want little white knobs in their ears. The sign of class and status is pervasive in the personal audio and tech fashion. However, make sure you aren’t compromising on performance for a certain look. If you are looking for a truly great wireless experience you need to invest in a pair of buds that are focused on performance, not just aesthetics. 

This article reviews the Sony WF-1000XM3, which is Sony’s flagship wireless model. And we will put the Sony model up against the Jabra Elite 75t, the less expensive alternative.

So which one is better?

It depends. Why? Well, it depends on your priorities. If you are budget conscious then the Jabra Elite is the way to go. If you are looking for digital assistant integration the Jabra Elite also has more options. However, if you are looking for the top of the line noise cancelation then you can’t beat the Sony WF-1000XM3.

If you are looking for quality in the product and brand recognition and trust, then you should go with Sony, a leader in sound and personal electronics. Think about how you will be using your buds and what utility you will need from them. 

Don’t just buy something because a review tells you it is better. Take their recommendation and apply it to your needs and make an informed decision. Take control of your purchasing power to get the most enjoyment out of your accessories. Think review articles aren’t controlling you? Check these links out: Forbes and Leading Persuasion Consultant. Think of your needed utility by answering these 10 questions and apply them to the spec reviews in this article.

  1. When will you be wearing them and for how long? All day? A few hours?
  2. Can you charge them overnight every night?
  3. Do you use Alexa? Or a different digital assistant?
  4. Do you workout in them or need protection from the elements on a regular basis?
  5. Is your environment noisy? Do you still need to be aware of noises around you, ie traffic or people talking to you randomly?
  6. Are you an audiophile?
  7. Are you concerned about the price?
  8. Does the name brand matter in any way to you?
  9. Have you had either of these brands’ ear buds before and are looking to upgrade?
  10. Or are you just looking for the best long-term bang for your buck?

Specs Table

Below is a brief comparison of the specifications for each of the ear buds. This isn’t an exhaustive comparison, as some of the features can’t be easily compared. You are best advised to visit each of their respective sites to see a more in-depth technical analysis. (Sony VS Jabra) For real techies out there check out this incredible scientifically detailed side-by-side comparison of both models on or this one at

Tech SpecJabra Elite 75tSony WF-1000XM3
Passive Noise CancellationYesYes
Active Noise CancellationNoYes
Battery Life7.5 Hours6 Hours
Quick Charge15 Min For 60 Min Life10 Min For 90 Min Life
IPX RatingIP55No Rating Given
Sound QualityLarge BassEqual Over All Ranges
Digital AssistantsAlexa, Siri, GoogleAlexa
PriceLatest price on AmazonLatest price on Amazon
Comfort / DesignIn-ear Multi OptionsIn-ear Multi Options

How Do They Rank Against Each Other On The Specifics?

Sound Quality

WINNER: Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3
Sony WF-1000XM3 : Best sound quality

WHY: The Sony model is dedicated to providing a more neutral listening environment. It may not have the deep bass as some models but the mid, low, and high ranges are more accurate and more reliable across all types of media.

Sound quality is important. That is an understatement. However, it really depends on what you listen to and how to listen that determines how important sound quality is when picking a pair of earbuds. Consumers want to know about the bass. Well, the Jabra Elite has about double the bass spectrum than the Sony model. But are these frequencies reliable? Generally, the Sony model will beat out the Jabra Elite in every frequency range on accuracy. This intuitively makes sense. 

The Sony model is built to be a universally acceptable model not necessarily and beat pounding heart-racing experience. With the Sony version, you can consistently rely on the sound no matter what genre you are listening to or if you are chatting with family or in a work conference call. The sound will be clear and uniform. The Jabra Elite still performs well as it is the best Jabra on the market for a sound beating out the 65t for quality. If you are an audiophile go with the Sony model.

Battery Life


WHY: The actual difference between 7.5 hours and 6 hours of battery life between the options is minimal, just as 15 minutes for 60 minutes of life and 10 minutes for 90 minutes of life.

When you are on the run and in the middle of a call the last thing you want is for the sound to cut out and die. It is unavoidable some times but a real pain if you are in the middle of a run or set and need the extra pump and motivation. However, both options provide equally as standard performance. Here are the basics. If you continually listen to music or whatever while using the buds the Sony model will last 6 hours and the Jabra Elite will last 7.5. The Jabra Elite seems to beat out the Sony model here. 

However, the carrying case needs to be included in the analysis as it acts as an external power charger. Just 15 minutes in the charging case gives the Jabra Elite 60 more minutes of music time. However, 10 minutes of quick charging for the Sony model gives it 90 minutes of extra music time.

Each one has an advantage in battery life. As long as you are aware of your usage, the battery life seems consistent across both these models and shouldn’t be the deciding factor but just a relevant consideration.

Noise Cancelling

WINNER: Sony WF-1000XM3

WHY: The Sony model takes noise cancellation to the next step with these earbuds by including not just insulation but active noise cancellation.

Subways, mass transit, sidewalks, and even offices can all be noisy. Sometimes you just need to get away. If you don’t want to buy the legit noise cancelling headphones like these then you need to consider partial noise reduction. It won’t be complete noise cancelation but there will be improvements to the surrounding audio noise for sure. Earbuds don’t cover your entire ear. This is pretty obvious. So, noise cancellation due to coverage is next to impossible. 

Both models will advertise that they have passive noise reduction. This is just the ability to create a seal in the ear to limit the direct access to the ear from outside noises. However, active noise cancellation can still be used. What is active noise cancellation? It is the basic idea of altering what the ear hears by emitting a noise that “cancels” out the outside noise. The Sony model employs active noise cancellation and is absolutely a step above the Jabra Elite for clarity in sound.



WHY: Both models offer in-ear form placement with multiple sized pads included in the package.

If you have ever worn in-ear ear buds before you know that they can either be a complete pain or the best thing ever. It really comes down to fit. The Sony models are more pointed than the Jabra Elite if that makes any sense.

The description of sizing on gives a good visual picture of the differences. However, both models come with varying sizes. If you need to switch out to change form it is incredibly simple and easy to try out different shapes and sizes. 

There is no issue with weight in the ear. The Jabra Elite is half the size as the Sony and is also lighter, about half as heavy. However, the weight associated with either shouldn’t be a contributing factor to the decision. The more important decision is if you are okay with the Sony shape. Some people are more conscience about this. Though they are in no way a distraction, they do extend past the ear a bit.

IPX Rating

WINNER: Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra Elite 75t
Jabra Elite 75t : Best on workouts

WHY: The Jabra Elite is both sweat-proof and splash-proof making it an excellent choice for anyone that actively works out or will be using these earbuds in the weather or elements outside.

How much moisture the electronic device can handle will determine the extended life of the item when exposed to the weather. IPX rating is very important to all consumer and personal electronics. It could mean the difference between only wearing them at your desk at work or being able to trail run with them on a misty day. What is the IPX Rating? Check out for a quick rundown of the basics. 

Here is the good news. The Jabra Elite is rated at IP55. This means that the Jabra Elite can withstand small jets of water blasted at it from any direction for at least 15 minutes and is dust resistant in similar ways. This is really impressive for earbuds. Nothing Apple puts out is rated this well. 

Here is the Bad news. The Sony model has no rating and you should consider the Sony model neither sweat or waterproof or resistant. The Q&As for the Sony model mention that it isn’t even advisable to wear them in humid areas. This is honestly a deal-breaker for many people.

If you are a casual user Sony is still in the game. However, if you are concerned about wearing earbuds while working out or for extended periods of time outdoors in the elements then Sony isn’t a very good option. For athletes, you should buy the Jabra Elite.


WINNER: Jabra Elite 75t

WHY: The Jabra Elite has a smaller profile and weighs less than the Sony model as it is more stealth when seen by people around the wearer. 

Aesthetics are important. This is a fact of life. There isn’t a huge difference between how the two models look and feel. They are both a different shape but this doesn’t provide a measurable difference. Again, on there are photos from all angles with the buds in. Also on you can see the Jabra Elite in-ear on a real person. The Jabra Elite buds are round and have a large ugly logo on the outside. The Sony model buds are sleeker and have a luxury feel and look to them. Sony knows how to do luxury better than Jabra. That is obvious. If you are looking for that level of luxury then the Sony model is the preferred choice. 

However, if the name isn’t as important then the Jabra Elite is preferable due to the slimmer profile on the ear and smaller design overall. Remember from the comfort section the Jabra Elite is only 0.02 pounds whereas the Sony model is 0.04 pounds. This difference is minimal, as a penny weighs 0.04 pounds. So, the Sony model is like having a penny in each ear.


WINNER: Jabra Elite 75t

WHY: The Jabra Elite is a good amount cheaper than the Sony model.

If price doesn’t matter then this section of the review shouldn’t be considered too much. However, if you are looking for the best bang for your buck then you need to consider what the benefit of the extra dollars is for your listening experience. If you are an audiophile looking for active noise cancellation then the extra bucks are worth it 100% absolutely. 

Voice Command

WINNER: Jabra Elite 75t

WHY: The Jabra Elite can integrate with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, whereas the Sony model can only integrate with Alexa.

Not everyone uses digital assistants. However, when you are used to using them it is a great advantage that your earbuds integrate with your preferred assistant. There isn’t much else to describe, as the comparison is straightforward. With the Jabra Elite you are getting extended options for digital assistants above and beyond the Sony model.

With the Sony model, Alexa is described as being built-in. The digital assistants only work when you have the earbud app loaded onto your smartphone. So, make sure that you have them set up before starting to use the buds. 


WINNER: Jabra Elite 75t

WHY: The Jabra Elite has 2 extra microphones built into the buds to make sure that there is clear transmission of your voice for all types of conversations in any environment.

Earbuds aren’t just for listening to music. They are also the preferred method of hands-free calling wherever you are or whatever you are doing. However, you need to make sure that the person on the other end actually hears you. If there is wind or explosions or car horns then the experience is basically worthless for the people on the other end of the line. 

The Sony model has 2 microphones to pick up your voice. The Jabra Elite has 4 microphones. Both have about the same rating on the quality of recording ability. However, the Jabra Elite is slightly better due to wind protection. This is a highly significant feature that really makes talking outside useful and efficient.

Final Sounds

If you are looking for a clear winner you won’t find one here. However, there are some general recommendations based on possible uses that each user will have to pick from to find their personal style.

Jabra Elite 75t: Buy this model if you are looking to use the earbuds in an active environment and possibly out in the elements. You should also consider this model if you don’t use Alexa but would still prefer to use your current digital assistant. The Jabra Elite skews very heavy on the bass and lacks consistency in sound, but makes up for these faults in usability in all the other categories.

Sony WF-1000XM3: Buy this model if you are looking for a music or sound experience. The quality of the sound is the best you can buy for your money in earbuds. What supports this, even more, is the active noise cancelation that Sony has included. These buds support Alexa integration and quick charge feature but fail to protect their buds from water and dust intrusion.

Both options are great choices. Don’t think one is better than the other as an absolute. Each has a preferred usage but both will deliver a great experience for most general uses. You best bet is to be honest with yourself about what your priorities are, pick one, buy it, and start listening to those good vibrations!

Difference between Bluetooth versio...
Difference between Bluetooth versions

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